Apparently classic isn't good

So I have been reading the forums and apparently many people expect BC to be rushed to release as soon as possible. It got me thinking about classic WoW. Is classic WoW so non enjoyable that people want a expansion already? I mean, without BC, would classic last on its own? Also, should Blizzard charge people for the BC expansion content, like they did in 2007? That would be the classic experience. Also I will add this rush for new content is affecting classic gameplay. Myself, I’ve wanted to buy Tomes of arcane missiles, frostbolt etc. But why? BC will make these gains obsolete. So it is ruining my game experience this rush for new content.

My point is I think it is ridiculous that many in the community want a expansion already. I think it shows maybe classic isn’t as good as claimed?


If you mean Early summer 2021 is rushed, then I guess…

Having a lot of fun actually, my only complaint are cheaters, hackers, botters, and minor bugs. Those are not problems unique to Classic wow, they are just problems that WoW has in general regardless of Classic or Retail. Modern day blizzard lacks the sort of polish and attention to fine detail they once had.


Eh, I don’t know if I agree with that.

I did want classic but I also remembered its flaws. The exact same thing is happening in classic as happened in vanilla, and I remember both the positive and negative feelings I had way back then.

I am of the opinion that the upper level of raid tiers destroy the game. The second 18 months of vanilla did suck, and so classic sucks now.

Once AQ40 comes out, the game’s throat is cut, and that’s that.

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I’m not ready for an expansion, I could play this for another year. Many people do want TBC though and for sure a lot of people are bored right now.


Once we get through naxx, what is it you expect us all to do?

someone posted on the forums they want BC therefore classic isnt good.

reddit topmind.

Classic is pretty fun. But TBC was superior to it. Doesn’t mean either of them are perfect and has flaws though, and those flaws will be complained about.

The thing Blizzard should do is not try and make some museum piece claim and actually work to address the problems this time around that they ignored the last time around with excuses.


“I like TBC” = “Classic is not good”


This is so stupid that I can only assume OP is trolling. 10/10 bait got me to reply


I dont think BC is coming anytime soon and its because of a few reasons 1.) Blizzard has sad nothing at all about doing a TBC (yes I know about the survey I even got one.). 2.) Think about how long people had to beg just to get classic then when Blizzz said they would start working on it that still took a few years.

SO my point is people never really begged for TBC until classic and most of the privet servers were all classic to. Will they do TBC probably will be anytime soon I dont think so.

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It’s a valid point, but you have to think about the money. If they do not release TBC fairly quickly, then a large, large number of players are going to un-sub a few months after naxx is cleared.

…because they had to do a ton of work modifying the 7.3.5 client into vanilla, because the 1.12 client would not work with modern bnet.

Blizz more than definitely has full backups of patch 2.4.3 and its client, so it will take much less work to bring it online.

Also, please learn some grammar, reading your post full of misspellings, run-on sentences and random punctuation gave me a headache.

It’s not that it isn’t enjoyable, it’s that it has an end. Any game with an end point will get old and boring eventually. Especially a game like classic where everyone has figured out the absolute best and most efficient way to do everything

Probably not because the sense of progress, of character progression would stop. You’d reach a point where you’ve done all there is to do, then what’s the point of playing?

I doubt they will. They didn’t charge for classic.

I think classic, and even BC Classic are simply ways to add more subs to wow. There are people who only came back, and stay for classic and nothing else.

They’re just supplements to retail sub numbers

I don’t think that it’s not good, it’s just nearing the end of it’s course. After naxx what are you going to do? You’ve done all the raids, ground out all the gear, the professions, you’ve done PvP… What’s left? Level another character and do it again? Maybe, but even that will get boring eventually

Classic is like a console game. Once you beat the main story, all that’s left is the little side things to collect and it’s gets super boring

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Look at it this way :

  1. The herd played retail and didn’t care less about Classic;
  2. Some people wanted Classic for years;
  3. Blizzard finally made Classic possible;
  4. The herd came on Classic too;
  5. The herd will leave Classic;
  6. Classic will remain the gem it is.

Don’t forget Vanilla was so great you had a team of 30 people running Nostalrius for free. Don’t get influenced by the herd.


Play classic more, not quit. Some video games have been played for 30 years + and people still play them. I know those are solo player games, but classic could survive with a constant contingent of the retail and or people who still want to play classic for as long as possible.

Populations would dwindle, but there will always be some population. I think private servers proved that. (Though I have never played private, and only know based on what others have said)


Private servers tend to tank in population after AQ, and much more so after Naxx

So sure there’s some population - it won’t be a healthy one. People move on to the next fresh server to try because pservers are about doing and redoing the same content faster and faster then they drop the server and move on to the next.

All the pservers I have had any experience with are all gone, restarted, or are tbc or wrath servers.

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My response is “oh well.” At least Blizzard can always have the classic version of WoW for players to play if they choose.

That way they can preserve the game also for future generations. I mean there could be a whole new generation of gamers populating classic in the future. People are playing SMBros right now, still - and it was released in 1985. Check SMario 35 & people are still playing another title “SMario 3D All Stars.” Some of those gamers are young and were infants or were not even alive when they were originally released.

My position is leave classic alone. No BC nostalgia trips. I cannot imagine others don’t agree with me. Retail has new content if that’s what some in the classic community want.


TBC isn’t new content, it’s 13 years old.

Everyone knows that. My point is about new content to progress in.

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WoW had multitudes more bugs back in Vanilla but keep pretending Blizzard from 2004 was perfect rofl.

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TBC has even more flaws than Vanilla with regard to abandoning its namesake Warcraft. Each expansion stepped further away, even as they wrote the story to be Wars, the game itself did not back the story up with gameplay experience. Vanilla was as close as it comes to a faithful Warcraft translation.

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