[A]<PP> Weds 9-11pm Guild/Community

Passable Parses
Mythic + Dungeons
Raiding Schedule: Weds 9-11pm est

Hello WoW community!!
Our guild has a community as well, for those who are good fits but on another server.

-Capable players with a good attitude
-Considerate of others
-Have common sense
-Good sense of humor, able to make fun of yourself.
-No fat heads

Atm we are trying to find people to be able to fill our own raid without pugging.

Passable Parses (PP) consist of a small group of adult friends that enjoy running M+s together. We are currently working on adding some folks to start raiding as a guild. We need 3 more to have our own team, we are flexible on the roles. We are primarily an eastern time zone guild and use Discord for voice chat. We all have 9/10H experience, but feel confident that with the right additions we would be able to achieve AotC.

We are all working adults who enjoy playing World of Warcraft. Most of us have been playing together for years. We strive to be good at the class we are playing. We don’t tell people how to play their class, as long as you are able to get competitive output. We are happy to make suggestions if someone is struggling, but expect everyone to put in their own work to be able to perform. We love running M+s and are on most nights to do so. We run from 2s to 18s, just depends on what we are working on!

We love to joke around, our jokes can be of a crude nature. We all make mistakes, we just have a good laugh about it and shake it off. Need people with a positive attitude. All of us are very friendly and down to earth.

If you are interested in joining or have a question, you can contact me @ Okiru#1173 on BNet or Okiru#7425 on discord. I’m usually on in the evenings from around 8pm est till about 11pm, and sporadically throughout the daytime.

Thank you, happy gaming!!