AOTC Nerfed

Raz gutted.


That’s a possibility.

grats on your kill.

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It’s nerfed every tier and every tier it doesn’t matter. lol


Heroic nerfs weren’t necessary at all.


The entire raid has been nerfed a few times already. If more people don’t start progressing on it, it’ll probably be nerfed again.

Raids get nerfed. Heck, the raid was nerfed even as Echo and Liquid were both racing to world first on it.

So congratulations on beating a nerfed Raid.


The changes they made to the fight won’t prevent ppl from dying to stupid, so they won’t make the fight that much easier.

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At the same time, I’m not sure these nerfs do anything to change what people will wipe to on heroic.

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if 5% is gutted than razz was gutted a wile back and this whole post is pointless

Agree 100%

The healing just got waaaaay easier.

a win’s a win…

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you say that like it changes something.

it used to be a double-hero fight but now you cant pop hero at pull or it wont be up again at end. I always liked the 12-min fights. I think it’s a very good duration for a major raid boss.


It still is.

Thank god I killed it before nerf. With a third tier guild too.

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i do enjoy 12m fights where 2nd hero has never lined up with my cooldowns unless i hold half of them for 2m. the few times everything lines up for me is nice

Who cares? If you’ve killed it then it doesn’t matter because you already have your AOTC achievement date locked in. Why would you care at that point if they nerf it or not?

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we, the players.

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I mean, if you’re raiding for perceived prestige or anything else other than personal goals, you’re going to be disappointed.

Nobody really cares about aotc, ksm, or even cutting edge anymore.

If you think a nerfed final boss encounter devalues your aotc, don’t worry - it never had any value to begin.