AOTC HPriest LF [H] Casual AOTC guild

I’ve played WoW since Vanilla, and have mained a healer since BC (first a holy pally, then a holy priest since Legion). I’ve been with my current guild in the Alliance for 12 years, but for the last year, due to a new job, my schedule hasn’t really fit theirs anymore. I’m trying to find a new place to go, which is really hard after such a long time together! I love the horde races though, and want to faction change my priest.

I’ve been AOTC for every raid since Legion, including CN, as holy. I suck at Disc. If you’re looking for a holy priest though, I might be your lady!

I’d like to find a horde guild of other working adults that does weeknight AOTC raiding and M+. My thingy is 1063 for holy. Haven’t hit a +15 in time yet, but have definitely timed some 14s. Ideally, I’d like to be done raiding for the night by 10pm CST because I really like my sleep and not being grumpy at work. :slight_smile: I’m a teacher, so after spending all day with my 7th grade students, I honestly just want to have fun, have a social life with my guild, and do stuff in WoW. And go to bed by 10!

Let me know if I might be a good fit for your crew.


Hi Caridwen! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Good morning Caridwen. Not sure if you’ve found a new home yet, but if you’re still looking, I’ve got a Fri/Sat (7p-10p PST) AotC team on Area-52 you might be interested in. We are currently 10/10H CN. If you’d like to chat, feel free to add me via btag at: Ymer#1778.