AoE is too good

Let the retail babies stay in their pre made aoe SM spam groups. When I run a dungeon i want to play with people who can actually utilize their kit and play well, I don’t want to deal with some toxic mage with a zerg mentality cussing me and the group out for being “too slow” when I’m farming for pre bis because we want too properly cc pulls and not wipe all because he spent 1-60 pressing one button over and over again.

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Here’s the thing, though. Make your own group. I can pretty much promise you that it wouldn’t take much time at all. That’s how I’ve been doing dungeons, and the longest it took for me to fill a group was 10 mins.

Forget the meta scrubs. Spend some time to build real connections with players and fill out your friends list, run dungeons with them. Play this game at your own pace.


Cries in long time mage.

6 hours? Damn player, you slow… Even when in green/blues back in the day, BRD only took 45mins…well may 75mins

Depends how you look at it. I don’t define 5% chance to be “super quick”, but that’s just me.

when you finally get to pvp-level, you will learn the value of your pve-aoe cleave methods, and the pure lack of skills you so desperately needed to earn in order to survive pvp (but chose to skip cuz you so l33t).
But I digress,
I truly hope all Alliance follows your path. Please make guides for them.

most of those aoe runs are complete dumpster fires.
Very few are decent at it and know how much they can chew.
Also this stuff was going on long before 1.12. Wait til arathi basin…
oh i remember.
i remember.

I tend to take only classes that aren’t desired for these aoe or cleave runs. I prefer “normal” runs, and these classes can ONLY do those, so it works out for everyone.

If you can pull faster and kill things quicker, without a risk of wiping, than what is the harm? Why go slow just to go slow? I see a lot of people saying that dungeons are supposed to take an hour at least, but you know what? That’s not been my experience at all so far. I’ve played with a mix of new-to-classic players, private server vanilla players, and retail vanilla vets. Of all of those groups, none of them wanted to pull slow just for the sake of it.

I honestly don’t understand this mindset. Calling people babies because they want to be efficient, or because the don’t conform to your playstyle. I think the problem here is you’re trying to group with people with 2 different mindsets. You want to take it easy and go slow, they want to get in and get out. Both are acceptable ways to play, but they’re never going to work together.

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It changes the class balance of the game. If you can just faceroll, why bother taking a class that doesn’t have aoe?

And we should do what, about that? Change it so that’s impossible? Would never fly with the #nochanges crowd. Control people’s minds so they forget it’s possible then? Lol. Or what, simply ask them to stop playing efficiently? All outrageous ideas, yet the only way things could actually change.

Theres no way to take away player knowledge. This isn’t 2004 anymore, as much as people want it to be. Expecting people not to take the path of least resistance, or the most efficient path is both unrealistic and a recipe for disappointment. I don’t know why anyone expected anything different to happen. This is classic. It isn’t balanced, and it isn’t fair. That’s exactly what people wanted.

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Leave it like it was? As the design then is what people want NOT their current philosophy applied to Vanilla.

It’s not a complicated argument. We don’t like your ideas. We don’t like your modern designs. Just STOP.

Ok, so then we should kick out everyone who didn’t play in original world of Warcraft then. Is that what you’re advocating for? I don’t think you understand that there is literally nothing to do about this. This is not retail where the devs can take feedback and make changes, which I’m sure isn’t what you want anyway. They cannot make people play differently either. I’d like to hear what you think the solution is. If it’s just to ask people not to do it, then don’t bother replying, I’ve clearly pointed out why that won’t work.

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Farm sm armory from level 35-40. You’ll get Ravager and hopefully the full mail set by the time you leave SM.

Ravager + magma totem is very impressive. If you added how much dps we increase on the other melee, imo we’d be mvp tier.

I will gladly invite single target dps to my groups, screw the meta. You just need to find some like minded friends. If you were on my server I would 100% invite you.

TH are you even talking about?

I don’t think you understand the issue at all.

There is an upside and downside to everything in Vanilla. When you reduce the negative of a strong playstyle, it makes it that much more strong and valuable.

AoE would yank threat and that was the downside. Therefore, you formed those groups with this in mind. When the downside is reduced(aoe tanking being made easier), it reduces the value of everyone without spammable aoe.

This further confirms you aren’t understanding the issue.

You OBVIOUSLY have no clue what the issue is.

I personally don’t. Although I don’t have imp FB, so I don’t care anyway because I mainly use AoE to solo.

When I go into a dungeon, I’m more concerned with using poly, Frost nova, and kiting to prevent disaster that seemingly always happens. I rarely see the sunder debuff pop up anywhere other than dungeon bosses.

Ok, if I don’t understand the issue, then tell clearly and succinctly what exactly it is? Because yes, I have absolutt no idea how this is still an argument, and how what I’m saying could possibly be misunderstood. I was under the impression that OP was complaining about aoe pulls being too efficient, and other classes not being invited due to that fact. My statements, to summarize, were that the devs can’t change the game, and they can’t make people play inefficiently. Enlighten me on the mistake I’ve made, since you know so much more than I do.

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I already did.