Anyone soloed Nighthold?

I really want the Battleplate of the Highlord for transmog. I think it’s the best looking Paladin set in the game.

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Believe it or not, I soloed the first 3 bosses, in Nighthold, on THIS character I am posting as!!! I nearly died from all the mobs the 3rd boss would summon, but I killed the first 3 bosses all by myself! I needed help with the rest, because I died about 10 to 15 times, trying to solo Tichondrius, the Dreadlord.


I kept dying to the dude standing in the water. Quit after that since I could get the same transmog from the Nightmare

I’m assuming that was on normal?

There is groups all the time (early part of the week) for mythic nighthold. Even seen someone get a red core golem. No point in soloing it - more people means more loot and chances at loot anyways.


Hmmmmm. The Emerald Nightmare can be soloed? I see that there is a Battleplate of the Highlord look a like set that drops from bosses in the Emerald Nightmare. I’ll have to check this out.

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There are some off pieces but the majority are from NH. I think the first boss will eventually mind control you so probably not.

I’ve killed these bosses on normal:

Chronomatic Anomaly
Spellblade Aluriel

Coincindentally, I just logged off in disgust while trying to finish up the legion hatchling quests. Krosus killed me 4 times. Not sure what I could have done. (on my hunter)

I did it on normal with a 120 rogue and hunter. I typically wiped on the stupid gardener a few times…not Guldan, the most powerful warlock ever, but the stupid palace gardener.


You can do that on solo LFR. It is still a tough DPS race, but I could get it done on my rather sadly geared main.

I went in and wanted to attempt 10N just to try it. When I was done, I realized it was 25H. The Bear boss is the hardest thing there I found. But I do it weekly on 10N for the Tmog I want from there.

There’s also groups that form and do Nighthold. Look in Legacy on the group finder.


Some bosses are easier to solo then others depending on class, as a vengeance dh I can solo all of it but it’s not a pushover either.

Given that it’s still “personal loot” in triivial content for some stupid reason … it’s not in your best interest to solo it, even if you could.

Join a group and try to get as many pallies as you can.

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An all Pally group?

I mean … if you can pull it off. It would take way too long to form (imo).

Just try to bring as many pallies as you can dig up, since the more you have, the higher the likelyhood one of them gets a mog and/or he may not need it.

As others have said, just start your own group. I farm Nighthold sets all the time and I seldom have any issue with getting them to fill up.

You can do them all on N and H, but without good gear some of the H bosses can be pretty tough. Krosus with his stacking dot will kill you in a hurry if you don’t kill him, and it gets ever worse when he does pitch and the adds start bombarding you. That said if you are about 385+ and know the fights nothing is too crazy to handle.

Cant solo Mythic yet though.

Can you explain how I do this? Do I sign up with any raid group through the group finder, and then instead of joining them, I do Nighthold?