Anyone from < Clan Redundancy Clan > still around?

good day fair Turalyon. Came back to WOW for TBC Classic and figured I would hop on the forums here and catch up. Glad to see most everyone from this server is still awesome people. Just wondering if any of the peeps from A are still around? I was on Turalyon for a brief time back in BC and ran with these guys. awesome group of people. Went by the stupid name Shocktrooprx back then lol

I feel like I need to necro this post. I was chatting with a few of my work colleagues about the glory days of WoW and Clan Redundancy Clan!

A long time ago, I went by Sandrill (a rogue)! CRC took me under their wing right around the time of Tempest Keep - and I remember my recruitment trial I got a message I didnt expect from Stormageddon and totally bailed on another raid group to attend I was so excited. We killed Al’ar, went our separate ways, and I joined the family soon after. Raiding up through WOTLK with the folks is still a highlight of my gaming career.

I think a few folks are still around. Some more often than others. I don’t play much at all anymore - but, still swing in from time to time to see some friendly faces.

I hope you are doing well Shocktrooprx! Its been far, far too long, and I hope you are staying safe and sane!

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Hey man hope all is well with you as well. I actually pretty much stopped playing retail and have been playing through TBC classic and might venture into wrath classic. CRC definitely was highlight in my gaming time in WoW. Be well and safe!

I often reminisce of the days of raiding in SSC as a member of CRC. If memory severs correctly, we were the second Alliance guild on the serves to successfully down Landy Vashj. Had a lot of fun in those days. I also quit playing retail to play TBC classic and am very much looking forward to wotlk when its out. Are any CRC members who played back then(TBC) still playing now I wonder?

Yeah, a couple of us are still around (Bast the priest here) but mostly casual. Life, kids, mortgages, etc, you know. :wink:

holy hell heya Bast! hope the whole clan is happy well and healthy!