Anyone else had creation catalyst restored?

Well, I don’t mean in general…I mean specifically for this kind of thing for the ‘casual’ player. I fall into the camp of believing when it comes to competitive content that people should know the content beforehand. I don’t think any “try hards” made this mistake…I think it was more the casual crowd…and it’s really the nature of it being irreversible.

I think what we have are 2 things going on. You have a certain group of people who know darn well how the catalyst works but the act like they don’t so they can complain to blizz. Then you have another group of people who want their hand held for absolutely everything in this game and want everything handed to them with no effort. These two groups happen to be extremely vocal at the moment. I believe part of the reason the game feels so shallow at the moment is because the devs have to take both groups into consideration when making the game and as a result some really cool stuff probably gets axed.

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Am I understanding this right…are you claiming that there are people saying they made a mistake with the catalyst but really didn’t? That seems highly unlikely to me.

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Absolutely. People look for reasons to pile it on Blizzard, not saying everyone does it, but yes, I stand by my statement.

100% OP of this very thread is just trolling. This poster is well known for it.


I told you it was going to happen.

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I agree that people look for reasons to pile it on Blizzard…but that scenario seems highly unlikely to me. By doing so you make yourself look like a fool quite frankly…that’s not generally in line with how the vast majority of people operate.

Maybe not most people, but there is a sizable number of people who troll anything and everything.


Trolling is one thing…but this is straight up self deprecating…almost masochistic lying. In many cases it would require more lies as well. You wouldn’t be able to tell anyone you play with that you crafted tier. Anyone you play with who knows your gear might be able to reveal the lie…I dunno…seems really unlikely.

Also, the OP doesn’t actually claim at all that they accidentally crafted non tier. He just asked if anyone had it restored.

The creation catalyst is not specifically for putting bonuses on gear. It is for creating the raiding tier set. Five of the items in the tier set have set bonuses on them, the rest do not. It is important to read the item’s tooltip so that you know what you’re getting. I know this is a lot to ask of some people, but reading is fundamental.

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Yes. Yes you did.

Humanity has failed me.


Lmao, ppl should really read and not rush

Can you believe 2 people in my guild did it?

Yea something like a quest to send you there…

How about a display with the exact item that you are going to make with its new stats on it?
oh they already have that. If someone doesnt want to look at what they get out of it then they get what they get.

This would be like me using a reroll token (back when they existed) to get an extra shot at loot from a boss the run to the forums to complain that the boss I rerolled on wasnt the boss that drops the item I wanted…
Actually that would be more understandable that this because in that example it doesn’t show you exactly what you are going to get before you click yes so this is even more blatant than that.

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Welcome to the forums.

You didn’t have to even know about the existence of the creation catalyst.

All you had to do was have a pulse while converting your gear.

If that’s asking too much for people, then they should consider a less engaging activity, like watching TV.

they need to delete these posts. i mean these big pictures pop up and no one looks at it? trolling.

I’m so sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

Here’s the official answer: