Anyone else had creation catalyst restored?

it’s 100% not confusing if you have more awareness than a potato :woman_shrugging:


I sure hope no one had it restored, if you can’t even take the time to look at what the output of the catalyst is, then it’s your own fault. And don’t say you didn’t know because you don’t read wowhead or the forums, if you’re posting here in the forums then you know there is a blue post about it.


Well it’s been over a year and that’s still happening weekly lol.

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One thing I do for anything like this is to research it. And it was made very clear on places like wowhead that only certain items could be be upgraded.

However, I will say this - if it is possible to put non-upgradable items into the catalyst slot - why? Why is it even possible? Surely it cannot be that hard to design the system to only accept items that can actually use the system?

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the system does only accept items that can use it.

you can convert chest, helm, legs, shoulders and gloves to tier, and these items will activate the bonus

you can convert belt, bracers, cloak and boots also to the tier set…they will gain the appearance that compliments the set, and they will change stats to the item in raid that they match. they will not activate the tier bonus just like they don’t if their counterparts drop in raid… personally I think this is excellent, because we can build out those appearance sets without hoping for an RNG drop that we may never see.

The system is honestly not that complicated, people are just being intentionally obtuse at worst, or best simply didn’t bother to educate themselves before doing it and for some unknown and completely bizarre reason thought a belt would activate a tier set even though no boss in the raid drops a belt that activates a tier set.

honestly, this is a case of you can’t fix stupid. People are just not bothering to read how it works, and worse - not putting in 20 seconds to look at the item the catalyst will output.

it shows them. before you click the button. there is no reasonable excuse.


Ah ok, I didnt know that. I was only interested in the set abilities to start with, which I think most people would be. Transmog is rather secondary next to gaining a set stat.


Not everyone needs to create tier. This is a system that’ll have continued use. It’s to create the rest of the outfit as a way to reforge stats and get the appearances.

This was never meant for just set bonuses. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have made an entire system that’ll be here for another year.

Edit: Annastasi beat me to it. lol

I haven’t tried the process, but I feel like it should have been more fail-safe or reversable. You shouldn’t have to research out of the game and there are plenty of people who don’t read the forums. Even if they did all those things…maybe they were tired or just careless. Blizzard should absolutely know that 99.9% of the people using the catalyst the first several weeks are intending to craft tier sets and I feel that it would have been extremely simple to make a message like the one when you try to delete an “important item”. A message could come up that explains that it’s not being converted into a tier bonus and force you to type “Yes” or something.

Just like the tier acquisition system all this does is just create extremely unhappy and dissatisfied players for no good reason. I understand there are reasons why people want to create non tier and I also understand (from what people say) that there was plenty of warning…but the fact that this can happen to so many people is just a huge oversight that could have easily been circumvented. I know that no matter how fail-safe you make it there will be at least someone that manages to make a mistake anyway, but it’s unfortunate the number of people that made a mistake. To add insult to injury a lot of people here don’t seem to feel any sympathy toward the people who accidentally converted the wrong gear. Maybe they should have known better but cmon, that still sucks and it’s gotta feel really bad. It’s not like they were signing a mortgage and they absolutely should have been very careful. Prior to this whole system I would have expected that if Blizzard allowed you to irreversibly craft a piece of gear into non-tier then they would make it extremely fail safe.

If you get into a car and run someone over, you can’t say oh I made a mistake, I was tired. At some point people need to be responsible for their own actions. Blizzard put enough warning into this system, if you messed up, thats on you.


How is it confusing?


Are the tier bonus pieces. The rest you can make for transmog/ raid items (stats ect)

It was clearly spelled out by blizzard and there were plenty of warnings by forum posters aswell as blizzard themselves. You also had the chance to read the new item in the catalyst.


Maybe an idea would have been to have two slots, or to have a message appear for non-set bonus pieces that basically said “hey converting this piece wont provide a set bonus, still want to do it?”

Whatever people say about ‘you should have read up’ these accidents/misunderstandings are going to keep happening for quite some time I imagine… :sunglasses:


When driving a car there is a life and death expectation that the driver is careful and focused. There is no such expectation when using a gear-converting system in a game.

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The consequences may be different but the point still stands. You’re responsible for your actions, if you’re too tired to pay attention or read what the catalyst will give you, that’s on you.


you put the item in
and click convert
a box pops up with a “Are you sure”
and it literally shows you what the item will turn in to
you have to wait six seconds before you can click “yes”

they could not have made this more idiot proof

honestly I’m halfway to believing that most of this is just people trolling.


I’m trying to extremely charitable and I haven’t tried the system myself, but maybe people just thought that the tier would just appear afterward?

What about this analogy, imagine that you couldn’t rebuy items you vendored. How many people do you think would accidentally vendor an important item…perhaps even a strong piece of gear? Should they have been careful? Are they still responsible? Sure, but it’s still a bad system.

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I tamed two pets I cared very much about on my hunter. they are only available during a certain event.

I was stupid, and accidently released one permanently.

the GM I spoke with said he couldn’t help me, that once a pet was gone, it was gone, and I’d have to wait for the event again to retame it.

as I am a reasonable adult able to recognize that the mistake was on my end, I’m not mad. I’m not throwing a tantrum. I’ll tame the pet again when the event comes around and have hopefully learned my lesson.

that’s how adults react to minor disappointments like messing up something in a video game. all the people who thought dropping a belt in the catalyst would give them a tier bonus item (lololol) will simply have to wait a week and try again, and hopefully come out of the experience with a better understanding of the system.

rip my pink elekk


It’s not a bad system though, it shows you what you’re gonna get before you even click the button. Then it even counts down a timer so you can double check before you can even click the button. That’s all in addition to the blue post on the forum and the wowhead article, and who knows what other website. At a minimum you have 3 chances to understand what is about to happen before you click the button.

It’s very confusing and they hide it in a place people aren’t going to find.

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In my opinion anything outside of the game a person shouldn’t be expected to know. Even though it “shows” you what you’re going to get I can still see how people would be mistaken. I didn’t even know you could craft non-tier until recently myself. I think a lot of people just knew it as the “tier crafting station” and treated it as such. They might not have even known that tier was only in certain slots.

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then this isn’t now nor has it ever been the right game for you.

wow has always, since the day it began, leaned on outside sources to disseminate information. Whether that be thottbot, Wowhead, Icy Veins, developer blogs, twitter, etc. This is not a game in a vacuum, and it never has been.