Anyone else bored leveling alts?

I am. I want to get my Vulpara hunter 120 but im just going to wait till pre patch when leveling revamp comes So I can just go through current 1-60 zones to max level. Already have 12 120’s even tho all but 2 are collecting dust because of the essence not account bound.

Sounds like you’re not optimizing what you are doing while traveling for the quests. There are almost always stops you can make, certain NPCs to visit, training skills, getting flight paths, working on professions, or something.

Again, I don’t really understand the complaint. Running around to me is perfectly fine as long as I am advancing my character in some way or having fun.

Not to mention the rewards for the quests that require travel are usually worth it.

15th anniversary AV was fun to level but with the grind for necklace and now the cloak its not very fun at all. Also its like a guessing game on what quests to do to catch up as well.

There are no flight paths in Classic Elwynn Forest, that’s the point.

You are complaining about a zone that takes minutes to travel around in…

Good lord dude… lol it takes about the same amount of time to portal hop to places in BfA.

This is the only explicit change.

I recommend you do some poking around.

The game is definitely not no changes

It takes around 8 minutes autowalking from Gold Shire to the Defias camp I’m referring to, and that camp is not in anyway shape or form near any other objectives.

BfA questing is organised better in hubs, with the quest giver usually not too far off from the quest site, and he will give you all his quests in a bunch usually, not have you travel back and forth multiple times over long distances.

You know, design we’ve had since Cataclysm really, with hints of it in TBC already appearing (Hellfire questing, as painful as it is, is already massively more optimized than Classic questing).

I see nothing about classes in there.

And i said do some poking around.

No it doesn’t. Goldshire is in the middle of the zone, it does not take 8 minutes to run from Goldshire to anywhere in Elwynn Forest.


Immediately quit the leisure activity you’re doing for fun if it is no longer fun?

I did. No class changes as far as the horizon.

Unfortunately for you, it does.

Not sure if that means beyond the single thread i linked.

But i suppose so…

No, it does not. I’ve played this game for many years and there is no way it takes 8 minutes to run from Goldshire to anywhere in Elwynn Forest.

No wonder no one takes any of the garbage you post on this forum seriously.

I see you vomiting nonsense every time I visit these forums.

Name the class changes then.

Its really not hard to reach 50 on a few accounts. Wow leveling leaves a ton to say just how bad it is. The problem is once you done so many ways. It now at the point of finding more fun ways to play.

Yeah if questing is yours. Silver forest and eastern plague get you very close to 50. Then just head to outlaid till 60 by just killing. Move on to northern then as now it seem more fresh that get you to 70 or so. The go grind more mobs in cata areas and you be 90 in now time. Go luck after that till you hit 105. Then it can go slow or fast.

We were talking about the game in general.

Not specifically classes.

in your opinion anyway, it such garbage its doing better than BFA lol

Leveling is awful, They went from one shot mobs to a full 4 or 5 rotation count of every skill you have, now it just takes too long to kill mobs in a fun way!

Uh ? No, I was and have been talking about Classes this whole time.

When did you move the goalposts ?

It has less overall servers and less population per server and is currently in a massive content drought.