Anyone else actually enjoy classic?

Hello just making this thread to say I actually enjoy classic and am thankful that I get the chance to play it. I am having a blast and found a good group I enjoy playing with, but when I come to the forms all I see is hate for the game… So is anyone actually enjoying this game if so, please tell me your favorite classic wow memory!


Honestly that’s how it’s always been with the forums. I’d advise to stay away, but with that said, I have had some good memories in classic with more to come. Like you, I have also found a group of people I enjoy playing with. I started at the very tail end of wotlk, like 2 months before Cata came out so all of this is new to me


Hello Abalam thanks for the response glad to see the forums aren’t completely doom and gloom, stay safe and stay healthy.

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I’m having a fantastic time. Hit rank 10 on this character 6 weeks ago and have since spent all my time on alliance. Currently levelling and running my own characters through dungeons.
I read the forums a lot but I don’t invest any emotions into any of the troll/hate threads. A lot of threads here are created to get people emotional in some way.


Definitely enjoying the game so far. I don’t know that I have a favorite memory specifically in WOW Classic, but I did just take my priest (shadow spec, but I healed one of those) through Sunken Temple twice over the weekend and was reminded just how much I love that place. One group only did the trolls and dragons, but the other did everything, and both were a blast.


I keep trying to have fun but blizzard keeps on ruining it. Starting with the server openings, splitting myself from my other friend group, then giving us absolutely no info on whether or not they would bring paid transfers. They then cut phase 2 short, which was the thing I was most looking forward to… and went and brang out CROSS REALM BATTLEGROUNDS (lol?). Of course they didn’t stop there, they made sure that horde could not play WSG premades to rank, instead they had to afk in AV for months.

When they switched it to WSG meta it was too late, I already transferred away from my server where my premade was on.

So after all that, they then close transfers to the big fun servers.

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im enjoying wow even more than how i did back in the day

dont let anyone else get in the way of your fun


I’m sorry you feel that way friend, but you can always level another character on your friends server? I’m leveling my second priest as you can see here and loving every second of it!

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They locked new character creation, remember? :slight_smile:

Besides the rotten version of AV, it’s been good.

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i did the Southwind quest where you investigate the tower alongside a member of the opposite faction on a pvp realm. lots of /point and /charge

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Yeah. Loving it.

Hell yeah have a blast my friend! Very glad to hear it. I have fallen in love with classic and can barley stop playing it

Me too! I’m really having a lot of fun exploring the ins and outs of the classes, and their nuances.


I’m loving it. It’s all been a healthy dose of nostalgia. I took my time getting to 60, after leveling far too many alts to mid levels.

I was also lucky enough to find a great social guild, much like I did initially in vanilla.

No complaints here (well, maybe an AV grumble or two).

I am having a blast also. Since I never played classic, started in 2008, I do not know what has been or has not been changed so its been awesome!

what makes classic fun are the friends playing the game. As for the game itself, Private servers were better.

I enjoy classic, I wish they did a little more for the game but I enjoy it. The are things that could be handled a lot better, that’s all that needs said

Favorite memory this trip has gotta be 1 vs 3 wizards at level 60 and winning! I did die from dots 10 sec after, but still victory!

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reach 60 first, then you’ll get it

I am also loving my re-playthrough of Classic WoW. I have found a great guild and most of the community have been awesome thus far.

My only real gripe is that Mages have gotten a bad rep due to the d-bag AoE levelers and run-sellers. I think the Classic experience would have been SO much better if the Twitch and YouTube “pro” players had stayed with Retail rather than trying to bring their Retail mindset to Classic. But aside from them and their brain-dead followers, I have been really enjoying myself.

Hard to believe I will not be buying a WoW expansion when it comes out, but nothing I have seen about Shadowlands even tempts me to try the expansion.

Have done every quest I can find in every zone thus far and am loving it!! :smiley: