Anyone else actually enjoy classic?

Do you mean Mages or Warlocks, Williams?

the vast majority enjoy it fine. the forums are just a sweaty minority.

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The forum haters are a very small, but very vocal percentage of the population. Particularly here on the classic forums, I see very little but the same few complaints about the same few issues repeated ad infinitum.

In game, all I see is people playing and having fun. Mostly. :slight_smile:


And for good reason. We’re full, ask your friends to go to another realm to play with you.


The forums are where people say goodbye to the game; sometimes it’s over the period of a few months…

For example, my posts about Classic have been mostly positive (IIRC,) but since I’m quitting and my time runs out tomorrow, I feel a certain need to talk about it; not to change the game (classic is classic,) but simply to say bye to something I spent 6ish months on.

Classic was great for the first 80% of my time in it. As time went on, a lot of the tedium started setting in. In another thread I mention needing to spend 60-100g a week just so I can enjoy PvP a bit and weapon drop RNG, along with boring healing utility.

Yeah, I guess that’s it mostly.

Oh, and seeing warlords AFKing in WSG. That pisses me off. :x

Anyways, I’ve been able to be more concise with each forum post, so my reason for quitting is a lot easier for me to accept.

It’s like self-therapy. :slight_smile: (which is also why I sometimes end my rant posts with “dear diary.”) :expressionless:

And Emojis are fun.

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Favorite classic memory? Pretty much all of Phase 2, when me and my fellow ‘carebears’ were sitting back relaxing, eating popcorn as the people playing the ‘real’ game so they could experience some ‘danger in the open world’ suddenly started wailing to the high heavens about there being too much PvP on their PvP servers. That was some high quality schadenfreude, let me tell ya. Good times.

As for me personally? Questing in Tirisfal, Silverpine, and Hillsbrad again, braving SFK, and just enjoying questing my way to 60. Then, actually raiding with my guild, full of fellow casuals, and getting pretty good on MC. Sure, tanks ditched us, meaning we basically had to rebuild our raid team and start progression again, but doing that with a guild has been fun.


I have a 60 this is my second character… Why don’t you reach 60?

I am having a blast.

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The only thing I don’t like about Classic is my generic forum avatar. :wink:

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Yeah I love classic have had a great time since launch :blush:

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Yeah I love how during the end of the world, universe exploding, babies crying phase, we were picking flowers and prancing about the countryside with gay abandon!

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You are beautiful.

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I bailed once I got to 60 on my warrior and couldn’t casually get into a raid.

I can understand people wanting committed groups and all for achievement but if you don’t actually physically get anything out of it then I fail to see why I should keep turning up for it.

I was sort of, until sharding and the place is a ghost town. Because blizz likes people running 5 accounts over an actual population. So now the effective population is cut to less than 1/3 of that seen on one of THOSE servers… where it was fun. Because it looked and felt like the original experience. This… not so much.

The 4hr ish Mara full clear that I did a couple of nights ago with some friends that I met along the way was the most fun thing I’ve done in WoW in years.

Logging in and having a whisper from tank that I ran SM with a few days prior saying I should run Uldaman with his group as soon as everything loaded up. That hasn’t happened since TBC.


I’m addicted

No specific group here, actually having trouble finding a leveling guild, but having fun like always. Wouldnt be playing otherwise.

I will always love Vanilla WoW and the early expansions. Doesn’t mean I won’t blast Blizzard for stupid decisions.

Not really, no. There are a few realities to classic that make it a terrible experience.

First most people have to choose between try hard guild(which is probably decent on clearing content), or a casual guild(which is probably bad at it). The trade offs here suck. There are very few decent guilds who clear content timely who aren’t try hard. My point: The game needs more middle ground.

Second problem with classic, it’s over run with multiboxers and people playing 500 alts because there isn’t much to do when you’re not raiding.

Third problem with classic is it’s an incomplete game, many classes/specs are abysmal. Itemization is lacking, PVP is a lopsided joke, and raids are brain dead easy(yet many guilds still try hard them and have unreasonable expectations).

Fourth problem with classic are the changes they’ve made to the game. Batching is pointless. Mega servers aren’t balanced well for economical conditions, or any probability of getting a world boss. Old school servers would have you at most competing with 25-50 guilds for world bosses. Classics mega servers has you competing with hundreds.

Anyways, sure, its fun, sometimes, but definitely not all the time.

For some reason, the ‘real’ players didn’t like it when I told them that I would casually stroll into Blackrock Mountain and /wave at passing Alliance, where the only chance of death was in misjudging the lava jump because you wanted to bypass the chains.