Anyone burnt out on regrind PvP gear for season 4?

I feel burnt out a bit. Just did a week of comp stomp to get 5 alts somewhat geared, and now I need to regrind a new 7/7 honor set?

My first emotional response is blah to the regrind. I would have loved if S4 had no ranked conquest gear. 1 set of conquest would be just 6 ilvls higher than 7/7 honor. You just skip most of the grind with conquest.

S4 lasts through November? DF release early Dec? 4 months is a short season, correct?


I’m ready for DF…I’ve kinda stopped doing bgs/rated pvp… and just been grinding out m+ and raids for the mounts. I’m totally over SL. Only thing i’ve liked about SL is that i’ve made alot of friends.


I mean they could have at least given us something new besides a couple mounts, but yeah.

yes but ill do it so next expansion my capped twinks(60) can just pvp and i wont have to look for pve raid carrys. gearing 50’s now requires mythics nya runs and its killing my soul.

I feel it. I’m getting this toon and 2 others to 7/7 honor while sprinkling in some conquest pieces in between. It sucks. It feels like PvP is a chore instead of something I like doing. What’s worse is, at this moment I am at the other end of the spectrum. I put in the work, I got the gear but my games still don’t feel rewarding because I’m still getting paired with 60’s that have less than 60k HP buffed. I had over 1 million in damage yesterday in Battle for Gilneas that we lost in a 3 cap. The second best on my team had barely over 300k. My nephew just started playing WoW and wants to focus on M+ and Raiding and I honestly might dust off my old tank and join him.


I was burnt out the first season and its why pvp was not my priority then or now.

Blizz killed pvp this expansion.


Tired of the repetitive farm at 60? Want to have fun on alts in PvP without giving up your social life? Well my friends, I have great news for you! Join us in the 51-59 bracket; where you can level sync with a leveling friend or bring your own 51-59 character. The gearing process is very straight forward, low maintenance and EVERYONE (yes even NEW players) can be successful.

If you are interested, there are pleanty of guides and forum topics on the bracket to help you on your way.

Look forward to seeing you all there! :star_struck:

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First week was fun. Everyone pretty evenly geared. Honor gear being extremely good. This week you already have people rocking duelist ilvl weapons though. Gonna be a slog to go for the vicious saddle, if I even do.


I really suck at arena so I’m likely going to be stuck with a 1/9 weapon. Meanwhile, those who are more skilled will also have a huge gear advantage, so it probably won’t be very rewarding to play bgs, even though that’s the only content i subscribe for.


I’d say the main problem is the cost per rank. Obviously there should be NO RANKS. Then multiply that by however many Toons you are playing. It’s pretty silly.

Then add in the rep grind and 10,000 cosmic flux grind to unlock 278 Conduits (required)

Then add in the 291 Legendary cost times 2 with Unity and that Rep grind.

Lets not forget about the time-gating wait for those that need Tier.

Yea it’s annoying.


Last night, stared at character screen and thought about PvP with hesitation. Finally picked my prot paladin and did level 1 of jailers gauntlet for fun. It was quick to get into and fun, no stress.
No queuing into a BG and seeing the other team will crush my team before the battle starts.
I love PvP and I don’t mind two sets of gear progression, but it does get old, 7/7 ranks. Actually if there was only honor gear with 7 ranks and no conquest gear, that would be better for season 4.
Re-Grinding 7/7 honor gear to still be stomped on by 2k players, just really sucks.


Also the problem is power creep. The difference between 260 and 280 gear isn’t as much as 280 to 300! Gear scaling is exponential not linear which is why we have Stat squishes.

So when players get 300+ item level they will literally 1 shot everything below. As this will synergize with 300 lvl conduits and Tier/Leggos.

Furthermore honor gear player won’t be able to scratch 300+ geared ones as their HP and Conduits make them ultra Tanks.


Yea i was 1950 last season… im tried and drained doing pvp. Ive just been honesty farming rated Bg’s. RIP shadowlands pvp. Blizz ruined the game with it. Looking forward to better things in DF


I mean i think everyone is, seasonal grind in wow is a crappy system because it very quickly burns anyone out.
On top of that SL PVP is probably some of the worst balance the game has been, where if you are not one of the favored Flavor of the month classes, its hell.

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grind isn’t worth it when pvp is gatekeep’d by overgeared players.


I grinded wep, chest, shoulder, gloves, boots and ring in one go last night (was behind from being away for a week) and i’m ready for DF to take the sl misery away

…and then i have two other alts i wanted to play :joy:


Reading these comments is like everyone is reading my mind. I skipped Season 3, missed the PVP and came back for Season 4. I’m bored already. I hate what they’ve done to casual PVP.


I actually really enjoyed S3 of Shadowlands. This time around though, I don’t feel I have it in me anymore.

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I also enjoyed S3 for my main and alts. I even learned how to heal in arenas as a resto druid. Never done that before. Had a blast in BGs as MW and as R druid with 4/7 conquest gear.

But, don’t know if I have it in me to grind again.
I think I would rather do some WQs or Torghast than PvP.

I saw spoils of war buff is back already, which helps. Maybe not enough.

Definitely burnt out on grinding.

Would be nice if they had something like old Ashran where you can just farm honor and conquest all day long without having to requeue and be done with the gearing grind in like a day or two. Half of the time spent in WoW seems like I’m just waiting im queue.