Anybody Else Disappointed With The New Class?

A Tinker necessitates the existence of a Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion. I’m not confident that I would be able to tolerate that for two years.

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That’s why I’m hoping there are going for a more “titan tech” focused route so they avoid a boring expansion like that lmao. (if they do it)

I think they lose the core flavour of the ramshackle, slapdash, mad inventor vibe that the class is founded upon if they go that route. Like a Shaman that channels Holy. Or a Demon Hunter fueled by the Light. It’s not that those concepts are necessarily horrible, but they do sort of miss the point of why people were asking for them in the first place.

The best time for Tinker was at launch. They make sense as a “foundational” class, as a part of the fabric of the world, on the sidelines like the rest of them. They don’t work when given the spotlight.

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And much like before I stated many times over. Tinkerers were overhyped by a bunch of people who wanted to nag about “Heroes” from WC3 which none of them were ever used but one. While it isn’t out of the question that Tinkerers were plausible, it doesn’t fit anywhere and missed its mark big time when BFA was out. They could’ve had a new class out and ready when introducing Mechagon and be a interesting way to introduce said class but they didn’t.

it is clear Blizzard follows something that comes out when it comes to classes, its due to themes. And Tinkerers are far from involved in anything… Necromancers had the better chance but too also missed their chance. So, whatever expansion is next for the next class, it would have to facilitate reasoning. Or who knows, Blizzard breaks the mold and surprises us all too.

I never want to knock on people’s ideas or suggestions but…they shouldn’t be so hopeful when someone hypes something up and expect their suggestion to appear in the most unexpected way. Just end up being far more disappointed in the end.

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Yea you’re probably right. I’m just going over what I’d personally like to see because I find the rust and bolts inventor archetype dreadfully boring personally lol. I’m really glad we got evoker over something like that.

Definitely. Come what may, I have my class until the servers shut down.

I just wish they gave us actual transmog.

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Yea my two wishes is for them to figure out how to give us a lot more transmog (maybe with an engine change many years into the future) and diversify our visage options, human and elf is dreadfully boring.

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I like the race and class. I am enjoying the class a fair bit actually. However, my only real disappointments are that 1. they can’t be any other class, and 2. their transmog is a but wonky.

I can understand that they’ve been trapped on the Dragon Isles, and so haven’t had a chance to learn any major class features, but I think they could at least be Warriors, and perhaps Hunters/Rogues as well. And eventually maybe after mingling with the Alliance/Horde beyond the Dragon Isles, picking up Mage, maybe Priest as well. I’m hoping that the reason they can only be Evokers currently is just to buy Blizz more time to add in different armor types and such on a new race? I dunno, one can hope.

But speaking of that, the transmog seems a bit wonky. I don’t really mind that gear can’t be transmog’d on to Dracthyr though I hope they change that eventually. But if I transmog my shoulders on my humanoid form, it puts it on my Dracthyr form. I just kinda wish it didn’t do that. Also I’d love some helmet options to work. My humanoid form wears glasses and I think they’d look pretty sweet on the Dracthyr character too.

But if Tauren and Draenei can wear armor with their weird shaped bodies/legs, I don’t see why Dracthyr should be able to eventually? Just maybe not back pieces which is fine I guess. I just hope its something they’ll add eventually.

I was always pushing for Dragonsworn, as a mortal empowered by the dragonflights.

They gave us a step beyond that, but a step short of full-fledged dragons.

I am sated.

Or would be, if we had better transmog. :wink:

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I’m holding out for a drakonid/dragonspawn AR personally.

didnt even finish the starter zone.

Or… Actually be able to wear them. And have a ability mount on top of it.

I don’t think I’ve seen that thread. Recently one was created that I visited and supported.

If I like a race, I’ll normally support it and maybe even attempt to draw some art for it. I was supporting the Stonemaul Ogres and San’layn threads until recently. I stopped because, yet again, Blizz passes over ogres for another obscure race. And the San’layn thread isn’t what it used to be.

Thanks all the same for the thread shoutout.

the worst part is we have all the animations for an ability mount. they just decided to not give us one for no reason at all.

San’layn suffered the fate of the legendary give you one skin color and eye color and call it day :unamused:

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2022 would be the perfect time to revisit ogres. They overtly confessed that ogres were passed over for sexist reasons (ie. they didn’t want to try to make ogre women “hot”). Why not show that they’ve grown beyond that, and give us Ogres?

With hideous, gigantic, bulky women, larger and more monstrous than the males?


No kidding. I saw how its animation ends and its no different from Worgen’s Running Wild. I can speculate that they were gonna get one but probably scratched it and fudged Soar into what we have now.

When Soar bugged out, it was still “Active” when I was on the ground but if anyone knows how Running Wild behaves (Like, how it works on inclines or slopes, you slant with it). Soar did this exact same thing when I was walking and orientating according to how I was walking on slopes.

I am led to believe Blizzard did something with Soar…

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WoD would’ve been perfect for it. Alas, what could’ve been.

Not really disappointed. Not really my thing but it’s ok. I have too many alts as it is.

And yet we got Kul’Tirans…