Any WotLK compatible +Macro Slot addons?

Playing a druid is starting to become impossible without more macro slots. Since they are stored locally, I am starting to have to back up and switch the entire text file whenever I switch between specs.

But anyway, does anyone know of any WotLK compatible addons that can give you more macro slots? Or another way other than switching out text files between spec swaps?

Can add spec/form conditions to your macros.

Yes, I am aware of spec/form conditions :smiley: The issues is I don’t have enough macro slots between specs and due to 255 char limit it’s hard to fit everything you need to for 2 specs + all forms, hence why i have to completely swap out the text files when changing specs. I would really like to not have to do that. I seriously don’t understand why Blizz can’t give us additional class macro slots.