Any tips for afflicted affix?

Just like the tittle says, i need tips to handle afflicted as discipline.
These ghosts are really annoying, it’s really hard to me to see them, they appear like friendly units so there is no health bar visible, and they spawn everywhere (sometimes i can’t find them at all).

I’ll try to enable friendly units health bar to ease the management of the affix but 5 more health bars sometimes is just too much visual garbage.

So, any tips are more than welcome.

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They’re hard for me to see on ElvUI. I think they need to update it.

I pretty much crap on them as Holy w/ Disease Dispel and PWL can full life them if it crits.

Afflicted is a piece of cake as disc, use dispel on one and PW:L + 1 Flash heal on the other, if you’ll need your dispel for an ally make maybe mass dispel your ally instead or use a HD penance for the one afflicted and PW:L + 1 Flash heal the other one.

If you need to heal the group thru heavy dmg but still do afflicted your team needs to help.

I you are on Discord with friends they can help call out when they appear

Do these have more health on higher keys? Every PW:L I used full healed them even non-crit.

Anyway, I have already experienced being the only person who could get these. Quickly finding out that using PW:L on DPS who won’t stop taking avoidable damage is one way to make this week irritating.

They scale up to +20

Totally agree, specially to find and target those spirits that spawn so far away it’s nearly impossible to see them.

Btw, only two ghosts spawn at a time, but if you dispell one and the tank keep pulling mobs another one could appear as soon as you dispelled the first one. So you end up dealing with 3 spirits.

A shaman with poison cleansing totem basically breaks this affix, so try and build your groups with them if possible.

Though your groups should be dispelling them - not just you dispelling one and healing the other. If that’s happening every time, the group’s bad.


You know that an affix is horrible designed when one spec can completely avoid it (like entangling and priests) and others are useless.


These mobs dont show on your frames. Hence, what the heck?! You have to target them and manually cast the spells from what, your spell list???

Some of us have everything set up to work from frames. Admittedly I have not thought about it much, but I dont know how the heck to deal with this garbage, dont really want to, and without some way to manage otherwise, I dunno.

Also, Blizzard. Why do these affixes (Grievous, Explosive, Bolstering mishandled case examples in point, among others) ALWAYS have to create the biggest and most endless headaches specifically for healers over and above all others, and healers the most. Isn’t it enough we have a lot of responsiblity already? I would add that this is the kind of thing that turns me off the game altogether, and doubt I am alone. I have quit before over this kind of garbage and will again.

Edit: Jak has a couple of videos out to help with this. One is a few hours old. It looks like using a way to focus them is a big help. I have Focus bound to my F8 key, and have Purify set to my middle mouse button. Jak recommends mouseover macros and includes a couple in a visual on the latest guide video, which seems a good solution. Hopefully this helps.


Totally agree, I’m no having fun this week. I won’t try to progress, just do 8 dungeons and im done.


I dont even see them half the time! And often have my eyes fixed on frames so dont have the luxury of looking around for them. So annoying. Maybe there is a weakaura that tells you they have spawned?

Edit: There is a weakaura that announces when they spawn. But you still have to look around for them and they are not that easy to spot half the time.

The epitome of healer annoyances, this will have me out when my month is up, and again until the next season–assuming Blizzard can balance the healers–unlike early on in this xpac where disc was complete and utter trash.

People whispering me telling me what to do is bad enough. I know what to do. But trying to heal on top of dispelling these things and healing them plus doing mechanics all at once?! Disc is already a handful with the damage/healing dynamic.

These game designers have hit the pinnacle of braindead, and seem to want to throw healers–especially disc, the funnest healer and the only reason I play the game-- to the wind. Fine, out I go again when my time is up. Thanks for making the decision easier than ever this time round, lol. You can keep your game, your pathetic healer imbalances and your extreme healer annoyances. Good riddance.

Best tip for this affix: Unsub or switch to tank or dps.


I mouseover them all the time

Yup, as I said above, Jak’s video mentions that, and even shows a macro for it.

Regardless, I hated explosive, but I could drop them super fast by just aiming forward and hitting tab to target them super fast. With these things you cannot get rid of them so fast because you have to scan around you with your eyes and move your mouse around to them. I find that very time consuming and I also dont know when no more exist and do not always see them all. I doubt the game designers could have made a more frustrating affix for healers.

In the end I was hoping a target macro would streamline the process so that it didnt take so much time away from healing. That is not the case though. There is a forum post about it and how you cant target macro them. I may try to work that out though, maybe there is some way to do that.

Failing that, I will just quit the game for the rest of the month and then not waste more money on game time and may not even play the game ever again–in the end too frustrated by affixes endlessly falling mostly on healers while the dps cruise along with critique mostly and never lifting a finger–let alone still standing in fire. Blizzard can suck it up. I call for a healer strike. That said, it seems a lot have already opted out judging by how quickly the healer invites come this week.

I need to find my classic wow moueover macro for disease before i start keys tonight. Im not going to try and get both. The dps can get one and i will get the other

Honestly, in a lot of situations in higher key, the healer just can’t get both. You can only dispel one and heal the other, and if the group’s under pressure when they spawn you’re kinda SOL for getting both down because they can’t be smart healed.


In a way, that’s a good thing. These affixes need to be a team effort anyway. I actually find it frustrating for any pack where I want my dispel. At least we have Mass Dispel I guess.

Did a 18 nL last night. I did no afflicted. The dps were so on the ball that i had a cruisey night.

I dont mind the afflix most of the time. I can usually do both without issue. Dispel one, power word life the other. If pwl doesnt fully heal them ill throw out a devine star or use a flash heal if i have an instant proc. Ive even used an instant radiance cast while i have the second one targetted since it also heals the group.

My issue is certain packs have pretty aggressive dots that you need to dispel. I was in a 21 VP yesterday and the packs on the spiral ramp after the first pull do an aggresive dot. If the tank pulls two packs you get two of them. Theres insane amounts of damage and two dots you need to dispel. Plus dps get cycloned repeatedly so youre basically screwed. Its insanly hard.

I also struggled with the pathway up to the second boss in BH. Everyone pulls big and theres blanketed diseases. Im usually spamming dispel on cd for that area so it makes the afflicted mobs really rough to deal with.

Its a non afflix 90% of the time, the other 10% its a key killer without help.


People double pulling the big dotting adds in VP are dumb to begin with. It’s like doing the panda pack from TJS. Also, you can cc the adds while they charge out to apply the dot.

The diseases really don’t do anything so you can just wait for the ghosts to pop out and dispel them.

I find this affix to be far more annoying when the ghosts spawn around corners or behind the group where you can’t see them. Also, there’s no audio queue or anything.

On 20+ keys the diseases do start to stack and cause a lot of damage. Theres also a magic dot thrown out in some groups as well. Plus the little lashers do a lot of damage if their bleed dot stacks.

You do need to use some disease dispels otherwise it gets intense when 5 people have 5+ stacks of the disease. If they get 3+ stacks of thr lasher dot on top of that youll have to use cooldowns. Its not as difficult as my VP example, but it does make that part more difficult. Ive never had to drink in that area before but i do now.

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I actually had problems healing the pack after the second boss of Underrot. I used my Mass Dispel to remove shields when I needed it to dispel, so I ended up dispelling a dot and not having it for the ghost. I agree that it is generally not a problem, but when it’s a problem it’s a huge problem.