Any tips for afflicted affix?

Everyone needs a shaman friend with a poison totem. Makes the affix a non issue.

I agree about it being rough with dots that need to be dispelled if you are the only one taking care of them. I am probably going to get to a place where I won’t run with groups that expect me to do them all in underrot, VP, etc. No reason to have that kind of stress in my life.

Yeah, Shamans dumpster the affix.

I haven’t run into any groups expecting me to do them alone. It’s been about 50/50 split between myself and other players doing them. Sometimes I have to do both if they spawn way in the back away from the group.

I was in a VP where I was the only one doing them. The only other person who could have talented into helping, the shaman, didn’t. It was awful.

My experience was that Poison Cleansing totem didn’t work… Glad to try again, but if it doesn’t work, the other (easy) way to handle on Shaman is another talent point (so, to not brick a key, I just lost 2 points to a single affix… I guess there are some dungeons where PCt is needed…).

I use the following WA (has a cast bar on screen and sneezes when they appear)

Afflicted Helper - Mythic + Season 2 Affix

I also use their Incorporeal one too. I’m sure there’s a better one, but it works.

If it doesn’t work now, they snuck a hotfix for it in their wednesday changes - I saw people using it tuesday. Which sucks, but isn’t beyond them. I haven’t been playing a lot this week because I’ve been busy (and now Diablo’s out, so probably still won’t play a ton) so can’t confirm.

Though, it could also be a range/los issue. Sometimes the ghosts spawn in strange places.

I’ve healed a bunch of dungeons since posting above. I’m not sure but shamans with the poison totem can clear them both, I believe, and very conveniently with one button. There is a 45 second cd on that though. Correct me if I’m wrong about that, but that is my impression. I watched Moad the other day do a bunch of runs, and he said in his steam that the Poison Totems were the answer, so I’m not sure why they worked perfectly for his group and didnt work for you. In a couple hours of M+ I think I saw him only have to get one–and that because it was out of range of the others.

It also seems to me that in the few groups that I ran myself with a shaman that ran the totem, I rarely had to lift a finger to help with Afflicted.

A lot of shamans in the runs I did dont run that talent though. I make sure to ask that they do though. If they dont, I just say “whatever” and proceed. If others are going to make the runs too tough, I will just hearth out, but have not had to do that yet.

In my case, I simply cannot get more than one. And if the others dont get the other or I am too busy healing to even get one, I dont worry about it much. If I am expected to get too many, tough. I cant. These shamans, for example, who dont run that talent I dont get.

I’m not sure what they are doing that you arent, Krakkow.

It’s incredible Blizzard created an Affix that REQUIRES you to have a WA to be aware of them.
No sound, No flashy animation… nothing they just spawn there and have the most non-visible model as a transparent ghost… Like trying to see them in VP is a nightmare.

It would be better at least if they spawn near the trash packs but no, they have to spawn in the most random corners and spaces possible that even if the WA warns you, you can’t even see where they are.

The UX team from dungeons needs to be fired and replaced entirely. This is not even a challenge it’s just not caring at all. How can you make transparent friendly ghosts when you have a whole white dungeon with AIR thematic, with bosses that spawn random tornados and air theme spells ALL arround the platforms. 1st and 2nd boss of VP visuals just make this affix 200% harder mostly because visual and UX issues.

And this as a UX designer myself HURTS me a lot.

Make the ghosts VOID thematic at least, purple flashy ghosts, goes with the thematic of the patch. Add a voidy sound effect when they spawn and call it a day. Boom you made the affix way more appealing and better.

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Had a warrior dps tell me that 100% haste reduction is bad and I should do the affix…

Audacity of dps payers is far too high this week…

Comps that don’t help at all with affix and those who can , refuse to…

Only real help i got this week is from monks…

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I’m sure that my M+ score shows what I’m doing wrong (being a horrible healer this season…)

I’ll try again, as it could have just been my luck or maybe I dropped the totem out of range of the Afflicted Souls. :man_shrugging:

If Moadmoad says it works, that’s good enough for me :grin:

I dont play shaman, and have only played it a little over the years. Feel free to keep us updated about how it’s going for you–perhaps consulting the shaman forum would help (I’m gonna do that right now). It would be helpful to know one way or the other for sure if there has been a fix or there is some trick to it or something. In all honestly, Moad mentioned it but did not give details. In my case my thoughts are only based on my impressions from healing for a few days. The runs where the shamans were running that talent went almost perfectly without any of the Afflicted spawns missed–but myself, I was too busy focused on healing and mechanics to fully see what was happening in the groups I joined.

Edit: There is indeed a thread about it on the shaman forum. That totem does work perfectly for the affix–one guy saying that if you have two shamans running that talent then the affix becomes a non-affix. The only catch if you have only one is there being a 45 second cd.

I was a bit busy earlier in the weeks so just started doing my weekly keys on Friday which I think might have helped (since people had time to learn how to deal with it) and so far every group I’ve had people have been pretty helpful on dealing with the afflicted.

Poison Dispel totem did work for my groups I’m pretty sure since I saw the Shaman’s dispel summary had “poisoned spirit” alongside “cursed spirit” so it had to be the totem.

Yeah that one is the group being dumb… Double pulling those is a bad idea to being with, in fact I always push for using Lust on the larger pack before the bridge because it can get out of control with the DOT and that makes it so you have it back right on time for the 2nd boss usually.

I Tanked a +20 VP on my Pally this week with a MW healer and honestly he was very smart in pointing out that there were a lot of dispels early on and requested that at least for the first half of the dungeon he would need the rest of the group to handle the affix. So everyone helped and it went smoothly. A little bit of communication can go a long way.

As Disc I’ve only done HOI and FH this week so far, neither was very problematic since usually the group has helped and worst case scenario just dispel one and PW:Life the other one… Oh just in HOI be mindful that you might need to sometimes save your dispel instead of using it for the affix (for example the mini-boss couple right before the Frog boss you need to dispel the root).

I don’t find party dispels too scary on priest unless they’re frequent, or it’s brackenhide diseases.

We have mass dispel - and while it’s overkill for a singular effect, it does work if you ever might be in a pinch.


DBM Dungeon addon will give you a sound notification when they are about to spawn.
Makes it easy to track when you need to start looking.

Mouse over macros for Purify and PW:Life so you don’t have to target swap to the mobs.

Make groups where you’re not the only disease dispel and share the load, your role is to get 1 of them, if they are relying on you to get both than that’s a problem. Getting both should be for emergencies or if you have extra global cooldowns to spare. But groups shouldn’t be relying on you to get both, is it possible? yeah but when they spawn during intense healing moments it can be difficult to get both, especially if your Purify/PW:Life is on CD.

After I’ve healed a few dungeons with this affix, the best advice to everyone is that ITS NOT A HEALER AFFIX!!!
I don’t know who said that it supposed to be, why everyone think it is, but it totally isn’t.
Healers should forget about this ghost and focus on healing and look up for dps that know the mechanic and deal with that alone.
It’s nearly impossible to manage when you have some enemy ability to dispel or heal big damage. In this case we should forget about the affix and let the dps and the tank to deal with it.
But why stop only in that cases, why we have to bother dealing with this affix sometimes if others can manage it all the times

Yeah, this isn’t a healer affix. It’s literally a group affix. A healer can only ever consistently get one.

It’s possible to grab both as a Holy Priest with both Dispel and Power Word: Life + Flash Heal, but that’s 3 globals that cannot be spared if there’s a lot of incoming damage.

One of my runs yesterday was horrible. I got 55 dispels, the shaman got 25 or so, and the two pallies in the group got a total of 8, lol.

Yeah, I can get one dispel and heal the other afflicted mob instead of healing the group–especially when the mechanics require me to move a lot. That is going to work out well when the tank has low skill, does not know how to mitigate, rarely helps with the affix, and the other pally gets a total of three dispels the whole run. Yeah, and the fact that the shaman openly said he could not always see the afflicted mobs when they spawn did not help. That meant he didnt have the weakaura or had set up DBM properly.

The shamans that get no dispels take the cake. The shamans that get some dispels but dont run poison totem get second prize. The dps and tanks in the group that can dispel but dont or rarely do–expecting the healer to manage them all while healing and doing the other dispels–and especially when the healing is heavy–they win a get out of jail free card and the icing on the cake.

Tbh the dps and tanks should be helping out when they can, I didn’t heal at all this week, but I did dps and tank, and everytime they spawned I tried to get one. For me my cleanse is always bound to alt-R so i just “click on afflicted mob, alt-r, tab back to an enemy”

As for advice, I’m a bite spiteful, and suggest you remind others at the beginning to help if they can, and then only cleanse 1 of them unless you absolutely have to get the other (your group has no one else that can help for some reason)

P.S. On my evoker I could technically get both every time, but usually the healer or someone else gets it.

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It’s honestly not that problematic with decent groups around, every run I’ve did had players helping, some runs I wasn’t even top in terms dispelling afflicted since others would just beat me to it. The biggest problem I’ve had with them is that sometimes it’s hard to find that tiny ghost among all other stuff that is happening.

But yeah I mean in bad groups if you have to deal with them by yourself I can see it being very though to deal with… There’s a reason why some key ranges are considered the “keystone hell” levels, best advise I can give is to try to push past it so you can start getting some better groups.

If you are late on the season and kind of “missed” that early window to get past it I’d say try to maybe run your own key and push it as high as you can, if you are pugging I think that’s the best way to kind of skip ahead some levels.

Oh, yeah. Decent groups. There always seems to be such a shortage of them. And with nice people in them to boot seems to be too much to ask. Ha ha. In my case I would love to have one or two or more even. My experience in this game has not always been the best–so many people with big egos who want to be the best and are in competition with everyone around them for adulation. Myself, if I have a group of friends, much as I did when a kid playing sports–and we have fun and learn and help each other improve our game, that is enough for me. The nice people with anything upstairs and who are in competition with themselves vs others, to be brutally candid, much as in RL, always seem to be in such short supply.