Any old Spinebreaker people around?

Played Blodwran and this char from Vanilla on. Wouldn't mind finding some old friends if they're still out there
09/09/2018 02:04 AMPosted by Mafia
Any chance of getting an update on that image Ungulate posted? The site isnt working for me but I would love to see some of the names on that list, would bring back some memories im sure.

I moved to another server when TBC came out to raid in my own time zone. Loved Spinebreaker tho, good times...
Just started playing again since beg of Cata! I think i remember Malters!
I was a NE Hunter in Annex by the same name as this DK, I dont play anymore. I met with an old guildie just today and had a good laugh about sharrowind or whatever that catfishes name was.
Man I don't recognize ANY of you.

Dude, I was in that raid when you ninja’ed Domo’s chest. I played a human priest named Dita. My brother, who played Arcanemuffin, was in there too. It was hilarious. I believe the guild was Bretheran or something like that. We talked about that a couple years ago haha

There’s a video! Love that dude at the end, Hypo, going off at me. Warning, swearing:

They thought it was over…I’m just getting started.


Hiya, I’ll be playing again on Classic servers…any others around? I see a few familiar faces!


Hai Woody and Gilly. :slight_smile:

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Ooooh snap.

NO **** WAY!!! HEY MAZ!!! I don’t know if you remember me. Antipathyrw, magil, sicknasty or wreckless. I remember you.

If I am not mistaken, you and I have battled many times. For the alliance :wink:

Yo, where the ***k is Gwarlord?

Is benevolence coming back?

Raises Hand *



I remember a few of the names yall mentioned…definitely remember Requiem and DA and DoV. I played a troll rogue named Dakkarius. Raided semi hardcore in Aurora Borealis and pvp’d a fair amount haha. Definitely coming back for classic with about 20 other folks!!!

I played on Spinebreaker from launch, was a female Undead Rogue named Hoebo… Granted I was a 13 year old noob back then, I remember losing to Myzery with his Thunderfury quite frequently. DA and Requiem both come to mind. I remember Dawn of Valor also, but not much else.

Dude… DUDE!!!


i still play i was in Dawn of Valor another big horde guild aside from Drunken Alliance and us was Forsaken Fate my main was a undead preist named Medizin

OMG Spinebreaker! Zak…Gwar…Skalpel. Music Video? LOL fun times! Gwar my bnet got wiped