Any Old School Darkspearian players still on?

I remember these guys from way back when: Lanuria, Sindoris, Greekorc, Grandez, Natedagreat, Humble, Beledonna, Senoxis, Akumabe, Ninjaxdeath, and Ralinasftw?
Hey there!

Geeze, been a month since you posted this!

I'm over on Moon Guard now--Happily married to a guy I met there back in 2008. We married in 2011--pretty crazy, yeah? Rerolled Alliance, haven't looked back. I miss Lanuria but she's nice and retired now.

Shame to see Darkspear so quiet.
I remember most of these names. Some I remembered for their creative ways at getting kills...Greek. Did a LFR with Greekorc, funny chap and decent hunter.

End of the day faction be damned, you have to love old Darkspear with the Trolling spirit that resides in all of us from this damned and cursed realm.

Ninjaxdeath is still active, have him on friends.

I only joined WoW in late MoP, mostly because a friend encouraged me to play. He was Horde on Darkspear, so I made a Blood elf pally and fell in love with this game, so much that I still main my pally to this day. He told me stories how Darkspear was once very popular and he used to be in a guild called Shoguns that was renowned throughout Darkspear.

I eventually joined Shoguns in Legion, but now in Bfa, my friend has stopped playing, the guild and the server itself is dead silent…

I left the guild recently looking for a more active one, but all the other guilds are pretty much dead as well…

It’s very sad to see that Darkspear is so quiet.

still here.

The Great Hunter of Durotar, Champion of Olympus, Defender of the Meek, Purveyor of all things Holy and True, The Greekorc, still plays !

Came across Greek in a LFR last expansion, was fun to LFR with.
Remember him and his merry band prowling around seeking honor kills on Darkspear. Sneaky basta#d would be on his Hunter while he had few stealthers padding around in stealth…sneaky bast@rds…

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Akumabe why I haven’t gone by that name in years…

Old school!? Let’s go names like Zekk, Lethi, Rockwell, Howitzer, Shangsrogue, Cydell(sp?), Seksibunny, Bluelazer. Damn I’m old.

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We are all old who remember these names … especially to avoid while in the open world…

I am a fan of turtles.


Yes, Greekorc still plays and I doubt he ever will stop.

A lot of the Darkspear Forum Crew has returned as well. Senoxis quit after Redead pwned him right? :stuck_out_tongue:

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The crew has a snapchat group and discord group with all the ogs.

There’s a battle net group for the randoms like pho and such. :pray:

Neptune and the boys about to destroy Classic like Blizzard destroyed retail :triumph::ok_hand:t3::100:


Ah man I remember I a lot of these players. I used to hang with grandez everyday in ventrilo haha. My warlock was named pwnstar

I was only on darkspear for late Cata and most of MoP.

But fun times were had and I miss it sometimes. The good ole days when realms still had identities before sharding got out of hand.

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I’m still around, somewhere.

Also, MM>ALL



Played a UD Rogue named Ndd and mage named Sudd in vanilla.
This pally named Dreaz at the time when BC came out.

Crazy i still remember some of these names.

Hmmm Same Bandit that used to WPVP making videos of such exploits?