Any news on the June Trading Post items?

Seems really weird that nothing has come out for June’s Trading Post items. Usually, Blizz announces what will be there a week before the month begins.

I really hope we get more cool cloak colors.


It’s usually been announced the day or two before the next month, so we’ll see it in the next few days.


Mmmm not really true, they didn’t release anything last month until it dropped.

Most everything that was learned early was datamined and on Wowhead.

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I’m hoping we get more D4 themed things! NGL I’m expecting this and excited for it and most probably about to be very disappointed hehe xD


I hope they add the brutosair with the AH on it!


They usually do a blue post a couple of days before, so you’ll have some notice.

The hoods/cloaks/scarves have been some of my favorites, yeah. :dracthyr_love_animated:


Ah, well, I’m wrong. Guess I’m just excited about it, the Trading Post is a good birthday present. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:


Not really weird IMO.
Last time it was a few days before May. Sure there were datamined things but timing is what matters… I’d say there will be a blue post in the coming days before June with a list of stuff.

A few recolours , some HD of old items , and some mog is my guess for June :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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game has more cloaks than it will ever need

hopefully they will focus on something else


There will probably be an update on Tuesday.

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I hope they give a dragon mount. As in either a highland drake customization or a dragon. 4 legs 2 wings western style dragons. Like maybe Some random raid drop.

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I want a grass skirt, coconut bikini, flower braces, flower in hair mog set.

and this:

We need summer mogs. Gif not working that’s odd.


In hindsight I am more shocked that Brutosaur isn’t the 12 tender reward over the transmog.

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They should do the brutosaur but have it require multi month tenders for resins and we win win

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Pretty sure the previous announcements have all gone up in the final ~30-hour stretch, the morning following the “Last chance for this month’s items!” post.

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the cloaks and hoods are neat but my lord they need to make different designs rather than give us the same design with a different color. It’s so lazy.


I’ll reveal all the June trading post items !

(in five days)

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Actually no more cloak we already have plenty of them. And by plenty I mean pages and pages.

Let’s focus on other items.


it would probably be something like 10000 tenders.

(Dis)respectfully disagree. More simple cloaks and hoods are needed, in all colors. Whay “else” can they focus on?

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