Any members of Lucky Drunks (Skullcrusher) still playing?

Looking for any member of the guild Lucky Drunks on Skullcrusher server. My group of friends and I are the original founders of the guild back in vanilla. We are looking for any members of the guild, but havent seen any online since we started playing again. We’ve always loved the guild name and want to be in it again. Ive tried petitioning the GMs but they have told me they cant free it up for us since there has still been a player(s) logging in recently. If you are a member of the guild or still have alt kicking around in that guild, please reach out to me!

It would help if I created this post with my retail character, and not the classic one I was messing around with. Please reach out to Jorh on Skullcrusher. Thanks!

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idk if it counts, but i’m the nephew of zach if you remember him