Anti-RDF arguments. A takedown

It’s the argument of “i got what I wanted, no one else needs theirs”

MoP is my favorite.

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I just remember everyone quitting in cata. At least on my server. I ended up having to server hop like 3 or 4 times. Aint about that life again. lol

i mean, sure it wasn’t as popular, but it was still good and a lot more popular now on the pserver circuit.

A lot of people hated hard heroics and thought the story was done with LK being killed.

Cata itself wasn’t that bad.

Besides, haven’t like 90% of tbc servers died?

If blizz fixes the server issues for when things die then I’d be okay going past wrath, but I feel like that’d mean they have to give us transfers that they dont want to give us without cash, ya know?

Kinda wish they did it like Rift and some other games where you could server transfer like x times per however many months… i wanna say it was like 3 transfers in a 6 month period, and if you wanted more you could buy them. But then they also had it to where the 3 transfers came back to you after those 6 months so if you were just patient you could transfer for free.

But blizz likes that $$ price gouging, ya know lol


Yeah, and Biggles was a destination AND one of the “this realm is dead so leave” realms. They bungled it. Make it better, make it free permanently. GGGGGGGG

So far it has been going for 6 months.

Could it be better? Sure, but it’s more than just paid transfers.

there are strong reasons - I like the dungeon finder but I do recall the pain it brought as well

  • people loot stealing
  • leaving the instance because they don’t like the group
  • booting people with gear they don’t like because they want to run super fast
  • people running with random people before guildmates because it’s easier to queue in LFD than it is to asking the guild, potentially eroding the need for guilds to some extent.

Yes, I saw this as well.

The first three of those happen without it.

The last is just being selfish on both ends honestly, they should ask people to run but at the same time you can’t EXPECT them to.

But all of that stuff happens already in BC lol

And I dunno bout anyone else, but in wrath when i went to queue, id ask chat and guild if anyone wanted to come along, especially if i was tanking or heals.

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All the time “queing for a dungeon, anyone want in?”

I do it to this day.

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Yeah I think it’s more about the way in which you conduct the survey rather than how many you sample. Random vs. targeted sample, clear and concise questions and answers, accessibility, etc.

On that same train of thought, how about we get rid of all cars and trucks because of drunk drivers on the highways?

Removing RDF is a lazy bandaid fix at best to reduce gold farmers from selling boost. It doesnt STOP gold farmers at all from selling boost and instead only serves to punish the majority for the actions of a few.

How about they just add a GM to watch the /4 spam and the boosting discords to kick accounts selling boost. You know, actually target the problem head on…

You are right LFR won’t don’t that. RFD and LFD would, however.

No, it isn’t. Like others point out you can run with your guildies and with friends. That is what was done when it was originally placed into the game. Anti-social people just stopped seeking people out and decided to queue alone. Even in retail is isn’t something that mandatory and surprisingly they fixed it with mythic+ requiring you to form a group (if I have been informed correctly).

Is it more efficient to queue LFD than form a group manually? Yes, it is… but that doesn’t stop you from doing it or doing it properly which would be grouping with guildies and friends first and then letting LFD fill out the group.

but I guess asking friends and guildies is simply too hard…

No, LFR was horrible for the game not LFD. The reason LFR was bad when LFD was’t is extremely simple. It took out the need for one social aspect of the game. That being a guild. LFD doesn’t do that.

LFD or not people generally don’t talk while actually doing a dungeon and only before or after to form said group and see if they want to do another. However on either path eventually a player that wanted to seek out the rest of the PvE content would have to find a socialize with a guild. Where generally an individual would find new friends to play with (the other main place a wow players acquired those new friends came from questing with them in the non-instanced world).

When LFR came into existence. That need for a guild was removed. You could experience all the content as a solo player. That ultimately leads to retail being how it is and generally changing the players’ mindset.

All that isn’t to say that guilds didn’t have silent players that just showed up, did their job, and left… but that was the exception not the rule.

… and I just realized there are 100 more comments… not reading all of those…

My man, It isn’t a reduction lol. Its an affirmation of the current buy wow tokens > boost > gdkp system. Its whale exploitation. Even if they abuse LFD for gold, what are they going to do with it if gold buying goes down because people are leveling their own toons?

Yeah, I stand corrected on sample sizes. I was remembering that part about my classes very wrong. xD

That being said (and much more importantly), what I said about the sample being insanely biased is still 100% true. We can’t reasonably put any stock in polling done on forums and social media platforms because that’s precisely where people go when they’re upset about something in WoW. Someone who is deeply upset about something is far more likely to feel the ‘call to action’ to speak their mind than someone who is satisfied is to say “Thank you”. “Thank you Blizzard” threads absolutely do exist, but they are absurdly outnumbered by the people who are angry at Blizzard at any given time during the controversy.

People on forums don’t represent the general population anyway. We represent the small number of people who care enough about discussion (an overwhelming amount of which is arguing over controversial topics) to actually seek it out. Most people here have a very strong opinion and we look at most topics as being divisive. The average Battle net user isn’t like that at all. Therefore, the only way to accurately poll the playerbase is to ask them a question in a place that it central to all of the people who play WoW. Either polling through the Battle net client or by e-mailing surveys to people, which we already know Blizzard does all the time.

People on forums are real people and they’re definitely a part of the community, but they don’t represent everyone nearly well enough to glean what the entire playerbase wants. They said this decision was made based on player feedback and I’m inclined to believe that the people in Blizzard’s offices know a LOT better than some tiny sample size poll taken in a poisoned well.

LFR is the child of RDF and for reason.

Why doesn’t retail have RDF for Mythic keys? Because PuGs don’t want to put in the effort. It harbors laziness and rewards low effort play.

They haven’t sent a poll out about lfd in years iirc, and a poll from back at the start of Classic or even early TBC is not necessarily what the community wants now. Also, I haven’t linked a single poll from after the announcement, they weren’t from angry people, they were just people answering a question posed by a person.

Yeah, I don’t doubt that. I’m just saying that we know for a fact that Activision Blizzard collects an enormous amount of data from their customers, so I think it’s safe to assume that Brian Birmingham was being honest when he said that this decision was informed by player feedback.