Another Random General Topic

Makes another forum post, slightly changing the wording around, making the long read longer until the end where it’s the exact point I made in my last post.

Links that post to get more clout, waits for people to take the bait.

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Only adds tldr for a reply

This is so meta.

Completely ignores topic to complain about something very niche and irrelevant.

Tries to show off Formatting skills but ends up making a post

That looks weird and is hard to read.

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gifs, gifs everywhere


what the hell is this thread

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Revives topic to make a comment on OP’s mog.

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7 months later

Necros thread because Google brought him here after he looked up something remotely related to this topic.


Mutes both threads and moves on :purple_heart:



Laughs watching the people freak out during the discussion, necros it to get more people to see this thread.