Another one bites the dust

There it is.

“Anyone who has a differing opinion than mine should unsub”

Remember kids. If you ever have any kind of criticism of the game, just unplug from it entirely. Having conversations with the Devs is a waste of time.

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They have failed to listen to yours, Not mine. I am very sorry for that. I do hope you find something else to enjoy but wow just aint it.

I’m gonna get sick of this game one day. When I do I’ll thank it for all my nights raiding and making me what to play it so much I didn’t want anymore. That’s fine with me b/c that’s just how a game that lives as long as wow is gonna go.

In my mind a game that you play for literal YEARS is always gonna be a good game even if the focus on concern doesn’t fit what I want anymore.

Not just mine. You can keep pretending it’s just my feedback though.


No people have different opinions all the time. But if you opinion is (the game is trash and so is the people that makes it) well…you’re gonna get asked why tf you’re even here?

that’s a given lol you’re like…oh you’re telling me to just leave if I don’t like it? that makes to much sense! I got to make this my opinion and post a lot about it!

opinions are great but if if the party isn’t fun you need to leave dude.

they should leave to??? ik you want to believe wow is gonna die but its not going to if people who hate it keeps paying them money lol

like I said…if you’re that upset with the game state unsubing says more then 50 active post on their forums.

I am leaving. When my sub runs out next month I’ll be gone. But in the mean time, you don’t get to downplay the issues that have been brought up by not only me but many other players. So as this conversation stands, you have provided nothing to counter the issues I’ve brought up. My position remains the same.

Blizzard doesn’t listen to feedback

Okay. Start here. Tell these people to leave

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3 Long standing OCE guilds have died in the last two days.

That Wowranks population of active players that are being tracked drops every day you look at it.

Game is in a very bad state.


Not so loud Timbae. Moony might have a meltdown.


you do understand that people who are asking for things to improve are wildly different then “this games is trash and so are the creators” right?

I stand issues we want fixed. I’m apart of that thread supporting it you doof.

Well that’s interesting. Tell me how well Blizzard is listening.


They haven’t done anything yet because they are struggling to put out next patch due to covid delays.

The game is in a very bad state because we are MONTHS into the first patch with no update yet other then ptr being out which has been forever.

that’s not them 'not listening" that’s them working on next patch remotely b/c they are working around a virus. and slowly

this has happened before…not because of a virus but we’ve been though MANY content droughts.

It’s crazy. Different players have different opinions. And there are millions. You are quitting because they aren’t pulling the ripcord, I am quitting because they eventually will cave and go WoD 2.0.

wow is already updated faster then any other MMO. with more content then other MMOs.

Tons of people are telling them what’s wrong but you’re telling me you want to quit for good and call this game trash because they’re taking to long on 1 patch due to a VIRUS? I’m sorry what???

Yes it is. They’re doubling down on the issue. You can cry virus all you want. They’re going the opposite direction of clear feedback that players don’t like Covenant restrictions.

Lets pretend this is 100% true. Quantity does not equal quality.


Is this your main toon? b/c it looks like you do normal raiding and mid teir mythic+

you know covenant choices being tied to dps will barley effect you right?

like you could go with your worst covenant and not lose much on anything???

Did you know that none of that PvE stuff matters because I chose PvP this expansion? And at launch I played MM which the primary Covenant that everyone was playing to be competitive while pushing rating was Kyrian?

Also you’re dead wrong about DPS. You’re not even doing your research if you think taking Night Fae is the same as Necrolord on Hunter.

Went the armory route. Smh…

Okay okay I can’t speak that much for pvp I forgot that. I went with the worst covenant for mage on mine and I lost very little damage over a pve fight so i’ll give you that.

I think you’re reason for quitting is much more valid but I think the attitude could be a lot better.

I’ve been hoping for the covs to be changed since they come out but i’m not gonna quit over it personally.

I’ve learned this game a lot and if you’re looking for covenant to not be tied to damage/soulbinds you’re gonna most likely be waiting till mid xpack.

They’ve done this before with legion legendry’s having a video. They knew it was gonna happen but they waiting till a major patch for it.

I have no ill will towards any developer. As far as I can recall I’ve never even called for anyone to be fired. But I’m not going to be nice about my departure. I would have a different attitude if it were just me having to move on because of my current standing IRL. But the fact that they’re flatout batting 0/4 with systems is 1 of many problems I have with the game.

Again, death of a thousand cuts. And when I’m sitting in the street bleeding out, I’m not going to be singing the praises of the game but the upset about why this had to happen.

Yeah. And Legion Legendaries got the same treatment and had the same amount of feedback during the Alpha about what the problems was going to be.

yeah no I can fully understand that. they go at a snail’s pace to fix thing but for the way I play it doesn’t effect melike it would a pvp’er whos doing ranked.

When things get bad ik just leaving fixes it but so far I’m no where near that.

I do think the virus to blame and how they have to do things remotely. From my understanding it’s messed up how fast things get approved for live. So it gets tossed back and forth WAY LONGER then it normally would.