Another Community Council invitation is given out!

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The streamers might be the ones they expect to reach out to others for more input, but only 100 members are going to be on the council at any one time, maybe more or less depending on what Blizzard decides.

If there are 3 now, but if those are the only 3 on the council, it would be far from packed with streamers.

Based on what?

The few posts I’ve seen are by people with almost no post count, so what “contribution” could they possibly have given to the community?


These community counsel people are a message in itself.

I might not like Asmongold, but no matter who say something when what they say bears truth. (BTW, it is also true that deception and ignorance is also remains such no matter who conveys it, more so a position that has no actual credentials, like a “counsel member”).

Do you really think it is bad design ?
Or it is a “elimination of variables” the fact that your “contribution” is a well thought field to put a lot, and what you think are the reasons you should be a member is a line ?

That is because this counsel is about gathering mouthpieces for Blizzard. Not relevant members of the community.

Peddler argument again. They leave it to you to make up all the crap you want about how the counsel is good for you. That does not matter, because in the end, the counsel is designed to TELL YOU what THEY want.


We got info on that today. While 100-ish is a baseline, they will add enough to keep the Council active. If they feel they need more input, they will open apps again during the 1 year term.

All applicants are limited to the 1 year term and have to re-apply again after that year.

This post goes over it. Explains that the goal is keeping it interactive hence the possible re-opening of apps. You never know what life will throw at people during a year!

“and Council members will be removed one year after they were first added to the program.”

There’s still hope for me…in like 10 years lol

That’s cool you have an extra title under your name

Also why getting AoTC N’zoth was one of the possible requirements to become a guide when they brought in that system during the tail end of BFA.

He did not apply if I understand. He sent in a CS ticket that was abusive and over the top. They told him he was barking up the wrong tree. He was not accepted or declined from the Council because he never actually applied that I know of. As you saw, the first actual answers to applications came this week, and only for those who were accepted.

It was a click bait stream stunt :frowning: If you think truth comes from people who make things up, ok, but I don’t agree.


Lets drop the bomb, shall we:

At this point in time, to “hear from the community”, they dont need a counsel. There are N tools at their disposal that can sift through thousands of nonsense rants and tell them exactly what are the common traces of all the texts.

You can simply feed it into a AI and it will tell you exactly what are subjects most relevant to the matter.

Plus, it is not hard to tell what are your community thoughts about subjects you raise by saying them “out loud” and seeing the reactions it gets. People will naturally gravitate towards the few people who bears the thoughts of many. And you dont need to appoint those people.

But the creation of the counsel is better understood if you instead use the “uncooperative source” theory.

So if you take that into account, you will only change the nomenclature and get the decision making from that.

If you are in that “theory”, the people who bear the thoughts of many and are put as front of the many silent ones stop being a “frame of reference” and become the “ring leaders”. And when you deal with that discipline, you deploy the deconstructors. Those are people who will not address the issues the ring leader get leadership from, but instead try to persuade THEIR FOLLOWERS to look another way.

You can really identify under that theory that the appointment of counsel members is designed to get deconstructors, not “community leaders” (which in their terms are “ring leaders”). The deconstructors are people who instill doubt into the minds of the people who cant or wont voice clearly in form their reasons to be against something, and therefore can be persuaded by someone equally informed about the issue like the “ring leaders” but gearing towards other aspects to make it “look better”.

That is all EVERY community counsel usually is, when it is appointed by the ones not “in the community”. A list of people to “balance” the critics with equal knowledge.

Is it correct to do this ? Yeah, sometimes.

What is not correct is to deceive people saying it is designed to give them voice, when it clearly is not.


Put me on the council then.

It’ll be unbiased for sure.

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This little bit of this video is illustrative enough to those who can see the pattern:

I cant believe how many people 110% that stunt he pulled. I’m not even sure HE was serious about the “reply” he received. He seemed to be doing some meme thing. Idk- it certainly put the “responsibility of the streamer vs the uncontrollable perception of the audience” issue in an interesting and conflicted light for me. I’m not big on throwing tons of responsibility on streamers for what their listeners want to hear, but there’s just been overwhelming BELIEF in the obvious joke/stunt all over the community that’s really hurting the perception the council might do any good.

(Though their introduction apparent favor of having invited primarily raiders some of whom maybe once tried another kind of gameplay casually/when they werent raiding is making me nervous without streamers staging inflammatory stunts)


Honestly, I think this is nothing more than a publicity stunt. I hope that design decisions will be impacted by the council’s recommendations, but I have no expectation of anything changing based off their input.:man_shrugging:

I want the Blizzard team to make my last statement look foolish!

Edit: I have always valued Mirasol’s contributions to the community.

You go getum girl👍


Who should they be inviting? Randoms off GD who think xmog is endgame?

Remember you can still post on the regular forums AND your opinion is still valued Saangreal <3

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As you should. Because the Counsel is not where the things will be scrutinized. It is there where the scrutiny goes to die actually.

Hello everyone! Happy to be joining in the community council today! My account is only from Pandaria expac, however, I did play vanilla on my brothers’ account when we were younger(I never made it to max lvl)LOL. I like to raid, t-mog, run old content and mythic +, a little of everything really. I play most content with my family now and have taken a more casual approach to the game lately. I love running the Island content from BFA for the mounts and tmog, running old raids with my mom for mounts, and we raid 1 night a week. I was a big fan of the single player content such as the Brawler’s guild when it first came out and I completed the green lock fire when it was current content. That’s all for now, I look forward to contributing to this community and getting to know some of you. Thanks

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Link to the Community Council Section of the Forums so everyone can go see them for themselves: