Another bid for RP/PvP


When I chose the realm type for my Classic WoW guild - I took a few things into consideration.

Fresh server, dedicated members leveling together, potentially no battle grounds for a few foreseeable months. World PvP is definitely expected to explode and engulf Azeroth under these conditions. This time around, we know a little more too.

I believe there is nothing quite like the excitement of playing on a PvP server. Fighting over resources, quest objectives and enemies a like. A true faction rivalry – paltry in comparison to today’s attempt at fueling hatred for each faction.

Using WoWProgressDOTcom we notice that out of 120 current US / Sharded OCE realms only 3 are RP/PVP

RP/PVP servers were added sometime after patch 1.8
Again i’m looking at RP/PvP Realms of which there are only 3 out of the overall, 120 US realms.

Even though the current population varies from some of the lowest ranked realms – Ravenholdt RP/PvP #118 | Maelstrom RP/PvP #113 --to one of the most popular realms being Emerald Dream RP/PVP #21 – this is markedly some of the most balanced, as far as population size goes! And these are BFA numbers.

RP realms and specifically the players, in my opinion – have been known to go above and beyond for the communities they serve. Role playing is at the heart of every great MMORPG. I anticipate a strong desire to create a regulated, respectful and inclusive community to do so! My own Classic guild was forged by these very statutes.

I would like to see a vibrant, healthy, RP/PvP community. Full of War and story telling!

If you’d like to talk more about forming an RP/PvP server coalition
or interested in joining a structured RP/PvP guild…
DM on Discord: Fataxe#9099

#RP-PVP Realms, Reconsider One Realm
No RP-PvP servers, a blessing in disguise?
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I hope they let us play on our old realms again.


I would like new realm names to go with this newer experience!

A link to our original Guild Recruitment thread!
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