Another 8-Hour Maintenance Window

Let’s go ahead and get it out of our system…another 8-hour maintenance window this Tuesday. Why?

EDIT: Someone made a comment that reminded me SL is launching on Monday, so this is probably to avoid having to bring everything down on a Monday for maintenance. Fair enough.


Probably because they are adding more content to the pre-patch event and also we are just a little over a week from the expansion launch.

Plus, they just did a huge patch recently and there are still kinks to work out.


How dare they want the expansion to launch smoothly and try to get the bugs all taken care of. That’s not what I pay you to do Blizz, I pay you to screw up so I can rage about it.


Getting ready to start up Shadowlands, this way all they have to do is push a button on the 23rd.

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So people can log in and complain about the scourge.


This maintenance window is required per the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) between Activision-Blizzard and the SHUIU (Server Hamsters United International Union). :hamster: :hamster: :hamster:

There is going to be a huge load on the servers come the launch of Shadowlands, and this is the last real chance for Blizzard to service the hamster wheels, ensuring that they are properly balanced and the axles lubricated for low resistance spinning.

In the meantime, the hamsters will be getting the last chance to binge on carbs, visit with their families, and get their last mani-pedi’s that they’ll be able to get for months. Don’t begrudge them such small benefits for us to be able to play the new expansion.

/moo :cow:


Why? Just to piss us off of coarse!
Now I have no excuse not to clean my house! :angry:


To prepare for Shadowlands? It’s not some big brain plot to screw us over or something.

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Honestly at this point posts like this are insane, would you rather them do a 1 hr, and then release the expac full of garbage and bugs. Cause I can guarantee if they do you’ll be the first one to post about how there are bugs in game Karen.

You’re implying it’ll be released without bugs?


You do realize 1st few years there was always 8 to 10 hours downtime so

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Who cares? This isn’t 2005 anymore. Posting about what happened on a regular basis 15 years ago doesn’t mean it should remain that way. Otherwise we’d still be stuck on multi-hour logon queues.

I’ve already accepted why this is happening on Tuesday, I just get tired of seeing people talk about the technological issues in 2005, implying they should remain the same today.

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No, it’s human nature to have bugs in games, but they are trying to prevent or stop massive amounts of bugs that a 1 hr maintenance would for sure cause because they wouldn’t have the time to iron them out. Being that it’s this close to the release you should be more thankful they are doing this rather than complaining because you can’t play. Go outside, I’m sure you can use your 6 cents for those 8 hours in some other way that’s constructive lol. Or file for a 6 cent refund and be laughed at. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Yeah, that’s great and all except I never suggested that I’d be trying to get a refund for the time. Where are you even coming up with that?

I feel there will still be some downtime early on the 26th.

I pity the poor souls who would have to do maintenance on turkey day!

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Shows you are misinformed about technology then, as this has nothing to do with that and does have to do with coding and software implementation, which sometimes takes awhile.

Yeah, so nowhere did I state that patching to a new xpac shouldn’t take some time. Someone made the comment that they were getting their ducks in a row since SL is dropping on a Monday, and considering Blizz won’t want downtime on a Monday, this made sense and I left it at that, but I’m so tired of seeing “back in 2005” posts - it’s old and irrelevant. That’s all.