Announcing RP-PVP in WoW Classic

I agree that the name is just awfully pathetic. But perhaps it is a good thing, since in my mind it will drive away people who aren’t genuinely interested in the RP-PVP ruleset.

A friend of mine talk me into trying out the rp-pvp realm with them. I am a little nervous on it because when I am questing I know player will be a high level and following me around everywhere I go, just to kill me over and over again until I quit, I can’t get any further progression.

How is this different than any other pvp realm?

True enough

No, most people are upset about a 10-20 hit in MS which does nothing, most people from East coast are going there anyway, myself included.

we’ve outlined this in a few post around the fourms. If you’re seriously curious you should consider digging up the megathread and reading post 1-142, It trails off around post 450+ Iirc.

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LoL, behold the confusion when this lovely forum software removes the quoted text from the previous post that was replied to:

I am really quite well versed on RPPVP, but note that I was not responding to the OP but rather the post above. :slight_smile:
I really hate this scrolling forum of garbage code.

60ms - 70ms hit


but there isn’t a Eastern server for this which is very sad

I get 40 to 60 more ping so double or little over (NC here) and more lag spikes up to 500 since there seems to always be some kinda ISP issue far out in the line. sadly I know I could call them and they wouldn’t fix it.

So niche that it’s already polling as the 3rd most populated server.

I am so freaking happy about this.

Our discord (the largest one) is already the largest pop server discord as far as I know, and it’s also currently split between 3 of them!

3 discords now for Grob ? I’m on 2 of them…the reddit one and the old conclave one. What is this 3rd one ?

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I want to create an Undead Guild, an off-shoot of the cult. It wouldn’t be as exciting without PVP!! THANK YOU <3

Thank you for listening to us.

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This is the best news about Classic (for me). Thanks for listening to the requests for this server type. It is really appreciated.

Excited to meet other Alliance members! Berto the gnome warlock and Integrity the night elf hunter will see you August 26th/27th!

Fun friendly group!

Already have all my names on this realm. I am sooo excited to experience a classic RP-PVP server. This is going to be epic. I hope we have a good population. I am looking for guilds :wink: