Anduin's possible fate (Spoilers)

A weapon eh?

I look forward to putting him down.


Don’t worry, we found out. /pats pedrock

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Maybe we get him as a raidboss next to sylvanas.
So we can get rid of both of these black holes for story at once.

Might gets me back into raiding just to ravage their corpses ever week for a year.


I know it would get me back into raiding for sure. No loot needs to drop, just the satisfaction of murdering these narrative blackholes for a year :gift_heart:


How disappointing is it going to be if Blizzard has teased this big change to Anduin’s arc and being stuck in the Maw and just nothing happens. The same way nothing really happens to Jaina, Thrall and Baine. They’re all just fine almost immediately.

Please Blizzard, I beg of you. Please let this be going somewhere interesting. No more N’zoth level disappointments.

If Anduin and Tyrande are just completely fine by the end of the expansion and no worse for wear that is going to be…just…what was the point?



Sorry about that, I should’ve said something nicer.

Also I thought you were a worgen. >.>


Could this have to do with the shadow powers we saw him using?

Everyone on the Horde and Alliance loving Anduin is…well it’s fine, honestly, but it also makes me more frustrated that they tried to make him the BFA antagonist for the Horde. I also wish the Horde had a more personal stake in matters than rescuing the High King.

I’m also frustrated with how vague they’re continuing to be about plot elements. For once I just want them to tell me straight what’s going on so I can have the time to begin to care about what’s happening in the story.


I’m not entirely sure they know what’s happening with the story.

“Pursue Sylvanas! She’s doing things!”

Okay, like what?

“She’s doing stuff with Anduin!”

Blizzard, this is getting uncomfortable.

Evil stuff!”

And I’ll just see myself out…


But wait, she wants to destroy everything! What a relatable and understandable evil goal that doesn’t turn Sylvanas into an insane mustache-twirling villain. Very in keeping with her original characterization of ruthless but pragmatic.

What could be more pragmatic than destroying everything? Great, great writing.


I doubt Anduin is in any real danger. However something tells me whatever will be needed to save him will cause him to be out of commission for a while. The perfect time for whatever Blizzard to do…whatever they to do with Turalyon. Another faction war? A light based expansion who knows.

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Blizzard, making characters more… “special” doesn’t diminish accusations of sue-ness. It gives them validity.


Well, that is what happened every time with faction conflicts. Wouldn’t be the first time for the devs to do it.

That is the punishment for Teldrassil as the devs see it.

“Wait and see”. What could possibly go wrong, right?
cries after re-reading “I feel lied to” topic

gl hf

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I mean, it’s probably because there’s a thread with this exact image as the topic and more context, that didn’t need reposting.


He got cured. Like how I got cured from being a Blood Elf. :slight_smile:


They could accomplish the same if they had the guts to have a significant amount of time pass on Azeroth while we’re dealing with Sylvie and the Jailer in the shadowlands. We win the day, rescue everyone, go back home…and Turalyon and his wife has caused chaos while we were gone…since we never came back and he assumed we (including Anduin) were all perma-dead. Which…since he and Alleria were missing for years and assumed dead would be a nice turnabout.

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For the first time, as far as I know, Blizzard very explicitly seems to want us to not have any idea what’s actually going on, and has tried very hard to be as vague as possible with respect to Sylvanas. When I think about it, it’s actually kind of weird how unusual that is. What’s the point?


When they eventually backtrack on who the End Game boss will be, it won’t piss as many people off? I mean, the last couple expacs they told us most of the story and 90% of it ended up being different at release.

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Except a time skip would mean certain characters end up dead. Genn and Mia are no spring chicken!