Torghast Story end dialogue

A few builds ago, they revamped the storyline quests for Torghast, to find all the leaders, and also timegated it, making it very hard to get this, but I finally did. The cutscene obviously does not play, but the dialogue afterwards gives more than enough context clues as to what is in it.

They’re still being extremely vague as to if Sylvanas is actually working towards what the Jailer is, and what her actual end goal is, but it seems the Jailer, or Sylvanas, has some plans for Anduin.


Can’t we just like leave Anduin in there?

Also when are we finally going to find out about Sylvanas plan, after like 4 years it’s time?


“Breaking everything”? This is clearly a win for Team End Times.


this could mean anything though

I mean, I wouldn’t mind Anduin being literally turned into a weapon. That drops from the Jailer. Especially if it uses the Shalamayne model.


It would be funny if Anduin is the secret weapon to defeat some other really bad guy. And Sylvanas has to sneak him into the real bad guys lair in the form of a little one handed mace.

Then shes like:

“Now, little lion!”

And he flies out of the weapon like a genie, and gives everyone a stern rebuke.


Anduin turns evil and we get to have Velen be like “you were the chosen one!” because nothing fits his vision of Anduin leading an army anymore.

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So Anduin is somewhere in Torghast being tortured by Sylvanas to turn him into a weapon, which can be figuratively (a new servant of the Jailer) or literally (turn his soul into a new Frostmourne like weapon).

Sylvanas ‘breaking everything’ is…annoyingly vague. I was under the impression we would be told rather quickly what Sylvanas was trying. “Breaking everything” could mean anything.


she wants anduin to be her boy toy slave


Concerning the mogu, could it have something to do with the divine bell? :thinking:

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Then the moralizing goes on for way too long, which backfires horribly, and Sylvanas throws herself off the top of Torghast to escape it. The writers practically break their own arms patting themselves on the back for it, too.

“See?! Look at the parallel! Because she threw herself off Icecrown Citadel and the mirror of Icecrown Citadel! We’re good writers! It’s poetry! We’re good writers!”


Do we really need to risk ourselves for Anduin? Is he really worth it?


Horde had to go along with burning of Teldrassil. Alliance can go along with rescuing their High King.



Wrathion will give you a new cloak.


Not really.

In asking the question, you’ve already put more effort into saving Anduin than Anduin put into saving Night Elven lands.


Oh good … Anduin as the chosen one. Yay… I don’t mind the kid as much as many others do, but his forced omnipresent importance drags down any character and story potential either might have. Just let the brat be King of SW and that’s it Blizzard!

Also … god damnit Baine. For the first time in ages you have a chance to escape being an accessory to Anduin and get some actual character growth beyond your “token good Horde” plot device status … and the chances seem real remote the writers will let you exploit it. You seriously are the Disney Pocahontas to Anduin’s John Smith aren’t you? Anduin … “Have you ever heard the wolf cry…


I still want my “Loyalist” chestline where I can leave him there.

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I’m afraid you forgot about Bolvar.


That picture is seriously adorable. Love Bolvar’s tea set (did he inherit that from Arthas?).

They said she’d have a scene where she laid it all out for a major lore character. If that’s Anduin, then maybe he knows what she’s doing but no one else does.

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I’m sorry the fact that Anduin is offering the pissed off player a piece of cake is precious.