Anduin Wrynn Dialogues from HOTS

Anduin has a crush on Nova. Anduin x Nova is a thing Blizz wants to ship.

Honestly, the Varian one got me a little bit.


Yes indeed…

so the wrathionxanduin people are gonna be pissed

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the one about falstad makes me laugh


I have to admit, I like his interactions with Tyrael and Auriel. I kind of wish the Diablo 3 Angels could play a role in Warcraft. I’d much rather have them than the Naaru, and it’d definitely make the X’era thing and recent direction a whole lot less messy. I mean, I could easily see Imperius Lightforging mortals and all.

Deckard Cain too, actually. Still listening. So far I like most of his interactions with the Diablo characters.


I am not a Wranduin shipper, but he could be bi. :man_shrugging:


Interesting. When Tyrael speaks to Anduin, his response is to say that he’s read stories about angels. I know HoTS isn’t really canon, as in, what happens and everything, but would background information like that be canon? Its not as if angelic iconography hasn’t been on Azeroth before and all, but still.

Great, Murlocs are to Anduin what Quilboar are to Baine.

I like this Anduin better… can we have him?


Visually or personality wise?

Both? But mostly personality wise. He has a lot more character to him, I feel, more so than he has in WoW (and I don’t really dislike Anduin in WoW). I like how he’s sure of himself and stalwart when confronted with evil characters, but when that falls away he’s more of an awkward scholar type, eager to learn but less good at small talk.

You can actually hear his age in a lot of the lines, and I find the character a lot more endearing even listening to those.


I mean… Anyone could be if you play it that way. He hasn’t shown any romantic interest in the same sex, but has definitely shown it for the opposite.

This might be headcanon, but–
In the Church of the Holy Light, there’s mention of angels and use of angelic iconography. Seeing as how humans came from vrykul, they’re likely misinterpretations of the val’kyr and a permutation of that premise. With their faith shifting from the Titanic Watchers to the Light as they “devolved” from vrykul to humans, the val’kyr would change in their premise to ferry worthy souls (i.e. warriors who died valorously in battle) to instead being messengers of the new object of worship, the Light.

That said, with greater understanding of the Light (i.e. when paladins came about and actually bringing about the Light’s miracles wasn’t unheard of), the concept of angels fell to the wayside without anything to support their existence, being regarded as “apocryphal” as Anduin states.


Oh yeah, I doubt he is, and I doubt he will be. Blizzard’s playerbase are very provincial, very middle-America in that regard so they won’t go there. And that’s okay. Given their lack of technical talent in story writing, I would rather they stay away from such topics.

Anduin says angels are “apochyryal” which means angels 1) exist but the church doesnt believe they exist. 2) they dont exist but some people think they exist(hence creating books about them) which would means angels in WoW are the first “mythical creature in Azeroth”(ie. They dont exist except for people’s imagination) 3) Anduin’s comment is an easter egg to the fact that angels were part of lore(warcraft rpg) but is now non-canon.

If we can have Soldiet 76 and Tracer as LGBT+ character in Overwatch I dont see why Anduin cant be one.


Look at how those reveals were received tho. Well, S76*. Tracer I don’t think anyone cared about.

*I think people just found it inauthentic and an attempt by Blizz to get progressive points. I half get that argument. :man_shrugging:

Between him and Tyrande, WoW characters are better off written by the HotS team.


As far as I am concerned S76 was done as best as it could. You know there are plenty of gay guy who you wont know are gay unless they tell you.


Yes, I am one of them.

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Then you should also people are just idiots. I actually liked the reveal. It wasnt “an in your face Soldier is now flaming gay”. It was a quite reveal about something personal to soldier and they didnt even dwell on thd subject.