Anduin and the Divine Bell

Sometimes I remember that he was crushed by the bell with the rubble and I wonder if he is still affected from is injuries from it? From what I know is that they haven’t really shown it in game if he is, just curious on that and what others might think.

Maybe that’s why he wears armor now? to hold himself together. Also wasn’t he like 10 in MoP? He’s a 10 year old that was crushed by a muli-ton object no way he’s surviving that XD.


What if the lingering pain he “may” be enduring turns him to the “darkside”?
I know just speculating or using my imagination.


Wouldn’t surprise me, remember the Dwarf SI:7 agent he mind controls with shadow magic earlier in MoP? Then we have Wrathion’s statements on Anduin’s vulnerability to Old god influence in BFA and the Scarlet Crusade trying to portray him as a dark betrayer, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did build Anduin up to be the Anakin/Luke skywalker of WoW.

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He was like 15 I believe

He nearly didn’t. Velen saved him using the light and apparently the pain will never fully go away. Although that doesn’t seem to be much of a thing. He does have the super power of his body hurting near danger though. So he got a harry potter scar from it.


We uhh… we kind of already had that with Arthas, though. I mean, I know Blizzard seems to love to repeat story lines but even that would be a pretty big stretch for them.

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True I think luke Skywalker or maybe Kylo Ren would be a better analog, I can definitely see Anduin totally going Discipline Priest after over coming and mastering his darker side we’ve had be hinted at over the past few expansions.

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I was under the impression that they wanted it to be velen, but ended up having mistweavers do it instead to fit the theme of pandaland.

it was both.
Velen did the initial healing to save his life but he was still in a pretty bad state, and the pandas did the rest to make him well again.
Its just easier to say Velen did it than Velen saved him and random pandas did the rest :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s like the whole “fake” Paul McCartney bit…once Aunduin got smooshed, an imposter took over :rofl:

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You’re pretty close.

At the end of the novel, Anduin loses his temper and a tendril of dark energy escapes from his hand, leading everyone around him to be shocked. We learned that the author was explicitly told by Blizzard that he should reach for dark energy during this scene. Although she has limited information and isn’t sure what type of magic Anduin exactly wields, it was definitely deliberate on Blizzard’s part, and could be a setup for more things to come.

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He is physically disabled for the rest of his life.

Because of this, I’m a bit bothered by how frequently they show him carrying around heavy plate armor with no issue.

he is not disabled at all.
He will likely always feel some degree of pain because of it but hes not disabled from it.

So we get Archbishop Benedictus 2.0 but this time with a character that people actually know of.


Chronic pain is considered a physical disability. :slight_smile: It’s considered an “invisible” disability.

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Why would he have chronic pain? Healing magic.

Velen explained that he should have died, but the Light did what it could to protect him when he was crushed, however he will feel pain for the rest of his life. I don’t have the exact quote memorized, but I can pull out War Crimes if you want.

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Okay fine I will give you that but it doesn’t say it limits him in any way.
It may be chronic pain but its not crippling pain.

They’ll just forget about it like Flynn conveniently forgot about that female pirate he had an affair with once. This is WoW writing we’re talking about here.

Is this because of him being with a man?
sexually attracted not exclusively to people of one particular gender; attracted to both men and women.