Anduin and the Divine Bell

:woman_shrugging: From what I’ve read, people with chronic pain have “good” days where they can move about normally, and “bad” days where they lie in bed crying. Physical stress on your body makes it worse, which is why I mention frustration with the heavy plate armor and essentially nothing said about it.

Are you talking about his crush on Taelia or something else? He’s been confirmed bi.

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Nah, he’s getting Iceman’d. But that’s not my point. Blizzard regularly drops things they establish to fit whatever current narrative they’re gunning for.

I don’t see it in the same way as IRL chronic pain because the cause of it is completely different. But I guess there is room for each person to see it differently

You should have used a better example then than one that makes perfect sense and doesn’t contradict anything :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think also considering I heard a small spark of some kind of dark energy came off of him apparently in the newest book Shadows Rising, if I messed up on that one let me know.

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Eh, not necessarily his plate because it’s bulky junk but actual plate armour that is properly fitted isn’t that heavy when worn due to the way the weight is evenly distributed over the entire body.

He’d be able to move around fine, even with some past injuries. He’d likely just get tired a bit quicker or maybe feel a bit of discomfort.


I started laughing when seeing him in the battle for Lordaeron quest, he goes up and chops a tank while in full armor I would think he’d have issues moving around like that at least LOL

I would imagine healing with just beams of light can only do so much.