An Open Letter to the WoW Classic Development team

I am writing this out of great concern and disappointment regarding the World First clears of Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair earlier today. First of all, let me say that earlier this week, I along with perhaps millions of other players clamored over each other for the launch of WoW classic. Many of us waited in queues sometimes as long as 10 hours just to play what all of you made for us. It was great, It still is. However, the world first Ragnaros, and Onyxia kills today have revealed a serious problem.

Vanilla as you are well aware, varied wildly from a balance point of view from patch to patch. You chose to model the game after 1.12 because that was the most feature complete version of the game. I have no complaints at all about this. However, prior to this patch, the entire game was drastically nerfed in anticipation of the launch of The Burning Crusade. While this was not a problem at the time, this is not then. These nerfs trivialize many aspects of the world including the endgame. Now, I dont think anyone really expected Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair to go unbeaten for long, but on day 5 by a raid of people in quest greens where most of them were not even level 60?

I say this as someone who never played Vanilla: I am deeply disappointed. My friends always used to tell me how you used to need high level dungeon blues and fire resist gear to even set foot in Molten Core, and Onyxia’s Lair. They talked about how difficult the raids were, and how rewarding it felt to kill a boss for the first time. I want to experience that, and I feel as though i have been robbed of this opportunity because of poor balancing.

Please. I beg of you, do not let this state of balance stand. Close the raids for a couple of weeks and tune the raid bosses. Resistance gear + pre raid gear and level 60 should be necessary, not optional. This may be a 15 year old game, but it should still be treated as current content. Ask yourselves this: If the final boss of the current BFA raid could be beaten by players not even level capped, in questing greens, would that fly? Why should that fly here?

Thank you for your consideration.



Well put. That moment of joy when you grab a fire resist blue, knowing you’ll fare better in MC was fantastic. Now its dead…


Very disappointing that we have the severely nerfed versions of these confuse effect from onyxia fire?

This guy listed all the nerfs. So disappointing. I had ignored all the noise about 1.12. I had played since release and got to struggle through MC and Ony and BWL and AQ and some of NAXX.

We couldn’t Complete mc without FR gear.

Just read the list of nerfs for yourself…


Nope. You didn’t pay for this version of classic, you don’t get to ask for it to be constantly adjusted to your taste.

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I’m really hoping that Blizzard will make some balancing changes to at least fix the end game for now (the rest of the world can be fixed over time, but right now, the raids are the most pressing thing that needs attention).

LMAO what the hell? They beat it in 5 days in quest greens gtfo of here. Glad I play for PvP and not PvE or i’d be pretty pissed.


Didn’t they use some sort of mind control trick in UBRS to give the raid high fire resist without needing the gear?



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reversing the nerfs that were done is still #nochanges. all that would happen is the balance of the raid bosses would be reverted to that of an earlier patch of vanilla.


Woah I thought we needed fire resistance gear for MC? What happened?


The tanks do. The rest of the raid can get by with pots.

I pretty much agree with what you said…I wouldn’t mind them doing that either…I believe this should be classic+ anyways and not purely no changes…Should follow OSRS model imo…It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth…

Heres the problem.

Your friends didn’t have 15 years of theory-craft for original wow, They were playing on comparative potatoes with incredibly sluggish and unresponsive internet while carrying 20+ raiders. Not only that but the literal best guild in the world who’s logistical planners are also professionals are the ones who did it.

Classic raids are balanced just fine, MC and Onyxia are entry level content not mythic raid difficulty.


That’s nto a trick, it was suggested in the brady strategy guide as a way to reduce damage and since blizzard checked over that guide before it got released it means it was a sanctioned mechanic.

Not only that but the MC mobs for mechanics was used later in Naxx as an official mechanic.

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You could play retail where they’re constantly tuning and releasing new content for you to figure out! Instead of trying to figure out 15 year old content that has already been solved!

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The tanks were almost certainly in fire resistance gear. The rest of the raid was very likely in the OP greens that Blizzard implemented in the AQ patch-- the “…of Frozen Wrath” gear and the like which are actually extremely powerful and do appear on updated pre-raid BiS lists. Fire resistance pots and situational awareness goes a long way for the rest of the raid, keeping them from having to equip resistance gear.

I am sincerely sorry that your Classic experience has been shaken so badly, but try to put this in perspective. This guild has been playing on private servers for years, and those servers had gotten the numbers down reasonably well. These guilds have had literally years to hone razor’s-edge leveling strats, rep farming strats, gear farming strats, pretty much everything. Add this to the fact that we’re playing the last patch of vanilla rather than the first, with its most highly evolved talent trees; and then on top of that, ever since vanilla ended these private server players have evolved new metas that were never thought of back then.

None of this should really affect us, not any more than what Method does affects the average raider in retail.

I hope you can set this aside and go back to enjoying the game. Just try to raid MC and Ony as you were planning to. RP it, if you wish. It’s what I have always planned to do. I’ve had the advantage of knowing that this was very likely to happen for a good long while, but I still think you can accept it.



They werent even level 60. They didnt even wipe once. Some razors edge…

< APES > are extremely skilled and they have been doing this for years across multiple private server openings.


Why would anyone be surprised by this? Just a couple years ago they did a max level version of a 40 man MC to celebrate one anniversary or another and people pugged it with zero fire resist every day. No gimmicks, no tricks, a very level appropriate version of MC that pugs just rolled all day long.

It’s time you guys realize that MC was never all that hard, and that is not why people are lining up to play Classic. The hardest part of MC was finding that many people that wanted to go.


You could always lower your level of play to that of a player in 2004. But seeing that you have heroic uldir kills, if you play with the skill level for that you wouldnt have problems even with patch 1.1 MC.

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