An Open Letter to the WoW Classic Development team

Well, mc is accessible at lvl 50. My first few kills in vanilla were at lvl 56 and I along with the vast majority were worse players back then.

Guys you are all forgetting that WoW is 15 years old - A lot of the people playing especially the skilled raiders will blast through MC mechanics like its a joke. When WoW came out back in 2004 alot of people were pretty bad and had no idea how things were done which is why MC took a long time.

Even if you were to go back to 1.11 Raid changes these players would still beat it in no time

Whenever I see a long post with an immediate agreeing reply with someone who has no posts, makes me think they are the same person.


With each passing day we are starting to see an unbelievable number of botched up work. This game has not been thought through very well. Expected better.

End game should always be a challenge. That has failed quite miserably.

Wont make any difference to my.enjoyment, but the ones in charge are acting very childish.

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I dont have any other accounts that have wow.

Pro changers trolling for changes to classic.

Want retuned raids, go on pserver! But that’s not classic.

No changes, it’s fine! Leave the game as is.

So the best players in the world beat the oldest raid in the game?

Is that what I’m hearing from this?


How is a return to an older patch of vanilla for raid balance not classic? It was literally in vanilla.

They already did 1.12

I don’t mind older versions, but retuning 1.12 is neither.

Not only that but a bunch of their players weren’t even level 60 when they cleared all of Classic’s raid content.

You guys are delusional and constantly moving goal posts. Classic wan’t hard and this isn’t a severely nerfed version of it. Just lol.

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Now you want custom changes? This is original Ragnaros, just at 1.12 patch. You remember fondly the difficult Ragnaros of early patches.

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Everyone this is Zoopains dad. Please don’t mind my son he’s not all there :sunglasses:

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Delete your wall of text, and go raid in retail and get cutting edge, you will get this feeling.


They need to do what private servers did and buff Dungeon and Raids. Make trash mobs and bosses hit harder, have way more HP, etc.

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