[AMD] Missing character textures after 9.0

This isn’t about graphical fidelity at all.

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The staff mentioned earlier that some of the processors experiencing this (CPUs, not GPUs) haven’t been supported since BFA launched. I saw there are a few cases where they meet min specs and still have issues, but it isn’t as common.

And I know I keep catching heat for this, but I think Blizzard has been very reasonable in their response to this issue when you consider they ended the support for those processors in 2018. As Nosaferatu said, everyone is just trying to do their job and carry on.


Also experiencing this issue.
CPU = AMD Phenom II X6 1035T
GPU = Radeon R7 200 series

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At least npcs having this issue is less of a thing in SL since all the new humanoids races don’t use those broken textures. So if you don’t mind mogging full sets it’s like nothing changed and all is well. That’s how i was able to test the stuff without wanting to gouge my irl eyes out looking at my beloved characters in this state.

Them at least saying they’re taking a look at it is giving me hope as somebody who repeatedly reported this everytime the beta builds got updated and was met with silence.


Just would like to point out a few things that are kind of puzzling to me:

Many folks here have stated that they can run much more demanding games like BDO or FF14, which makes this a lot weirder considering Wow’s old graphics.
The devs know a vast segment of their playerbase continues to play Wow precisely because it can run on microwaves or coffee machines, I like to think this is more of an oversight than just straight out telling people to leave.
As far as I know, the tech crew is probably still the same one as before A… takeover, they’re pretty capable when it comes to making the game compatible with dino pcs so it’s not a good time to freak out, yet.

Don’t think if there’s a fix it’ll be a simple one to code, patience.


I can confirm this issue is a bug in our fallback path for new character customization tech that we use if a CPU lacks SSE 4.1 support. We are working on getting a fix out soon.


A few of us have explained already this isn’t about graphically fidelity. It’s a different issue.

Right on the money :smiley:


i could kiss you right now.


This is AMAZING news. Thanks much for the update Rommax!

Looks like we were right about the issue just wrong about which instruction set was causing it.


Thank you for the update

I love you Blizzard! I LOVE you!


great! thanks a lot ! :smiley:


Thank you so much! We’ll be on the lookout for the fix!


I’m lawyer not en engineer, I still find running those games just fine vs running bugged Wow perplexing :P.

About the update, see? It was an oversight, there may be a fix on the way just relax people.

On the bright side my shadow priest looks a lot shadowier now, I’m starting to actually like it even if my main has no face and I can’t play him like this.

Thank you for the update <3


Oh man, thank you so much! For the communication and helping on getting this fixed! This really means a lot to us as a community.


Thank you for the update Rommax, as you can tell many of us are relieved you found the cause and there will be a fix incoming. Awesome job!


Thank you so much. It is much better than the response to my ticket. I got told not Blizzard’s problem and to buy a new computer or shut up about it. Not really happy right now with that “guide”.


Thank you so much for the timely response, especially during these hard times. Much appreciated.


We better start saving for a new build. Next expansion will probably demand new hardware from us.