AMD has FINALLY surpassed Intel in WoW, RIP

For those that have not seen, I did a relatively basic but repeatable test in WoW. The problem with doing WoW is, a different camera angles can change FPS by 50 in some cases. Doing raids can yield a 10-15 fps difference run over run. It’s tough.


38% uplift over previous gen’s 3600. That’s some serious business.


It was amazing & surprising.


Now if only we could find them in stock LOL


I couldn’t believe I never dipped below 60 fps on world bosses!


the big question is…
did they…resolve the random temp spike issue due to how zen2 took loads.
One of the biggest turn off of owning a zen2 chip.

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I still haven’t experienced that on my older intel system, at least not at the settings I play at.

These will be great options for Skylake/Kabylake users and 1st gen Ryzen users, but for others with newer parts, while the improvements are there, they may not be big enough to warrant the costs for the perceived gains.

but only 13% over the 9600k stock and at level 8. I like the 5600x a lot and it’s a no brainer at $300 (although I think it really should be at $279). Intel needs to drop the 10600k to $229 (or less) and the 10700k has to match the 5600x at price at a bare minimum (the 5600x would still be the better buy).

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Its definitely more a testament to their own progress against their previous gen than current Intel offerings.

It’s still not put them in the position of Intel during the FX series, but given they were the underdog for so long, it is good to see them moving on up again.


better competition = better prices for the consumer

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smh… benchmarking 2020 hardware on WoW in 1080p…


1080p is the right resolution to do most CPU benchmarking since it removes GPU as the most obvious bottleneck.

While resolution scaling isn’t always linear, it’s also important not to test CPUs when you are GPU limited.

Otherwise, if we went by 4k, all modern CPUs are amazingly the same.


You have posted now a few times and with each post only displaying your ignorance about tech hardware

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I would even say 720p to remove the GPU as much as possible.

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There’s some weird results sometimes in some games where certain resolutions don’t scale as you’d expect based off 1080p results, but it’s not the norm I think.

Wait I don think I have really encountered this issue with my 3700x. It is under water and the highest I have seen it hit was around 65c with eve, bluestacks, wow (streaming to discord also) and some other programs going.

Depends on a number of things.
Motherboard and fans being the two big factor.
But if you pay close attention to your cpu temps, Zen2 chips tend to spike doing misc things like moving your mouse. It settles after a few seconds and goes back to idle temps but fans can ramp up and down during that time frame.

If you got quiet fans or your motherboard doesn’t ramp up the fans immediately to match temps then you won’t notice it too much.

My tower sits next to me and the fans I was using at the time can be loud (To me) if it goes pass 1200 RPM.

Huh I will pay closer attention to this. And omg my fans… They are laughable. The fans on the top (3 120mm) and 2 in front (2 140mm) are about 11 years old and I think run at full rpm. My pc gets kinda loud but also has crazy airflow. I plan to get a new tower with all new case/rad fans when I change out the cpu.

I set it to Level 8 MSAA 4x at 1920x1080. Pulling 115FPS with this view on Boralus, Stormrage server.

Ryzen 9 5900X
G.Skill TridentZ Neo 32GB DDR4-3200 CL14 kit
Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming OC

People are getting 300fps stock in some scenes on Ryzen 5K CPUs while I’m getting 200fps. My 10700 isn’t even touching the 5K Ryzen numbers and that’s definitely faster than a 9600k. There’s a lot more perf than 13% overall.