Alts get splintered shadowflame fragments from random bgs as well as quest item for the 2 crafting trophies

It’s the belf lady near the big dome building in the molerat city.

I definitely did that then. Still sitting here with one splinter after using the other full spark to craft so that must not be it, pretty sure I am just bugged or having dreadful luck.

Examiner Tae’shara Bloodwatcher, right?

That’s the one. :dracthyr_love_animated:

Yeah RNG is just denying me then something awful.

I do have a theory since the pvp quests OR the rep quests can give a splinter, that is what is stuck, I need to go do their rep… slow gains down in the underworld let me tell you, 767/1500, I’ll update when I finish.

wait you did either weekly quest this week already right? sorry if you already said so

Yeah no the wording is a bit confusing, but I did both the epic bg quest and the rated bg quests and got 1 splinter.

So what I’ve got is a spark I made boots with, 1 splinter, and nada since. I am pretty sure I should be eligible for a catchup splinter if I’m not wrong but maybe I’m more fried than I thought, I have played a lot of fury lately…

you should be yea this week you should have 2 full sparks (4 splinters)

you opened the little box it comes in? it’s called malvias something or something

looks like an honor box

Yeah no dice - boxes are all popped and all that. I’ll see if plowing through this rep does the trick, since I know that box is also a source for a weekly splinter as well, but based on catch up wording I was assuming you get 1 from a box per week and the rest are RNG’d. I am just not catching good RNG haha

Follow up: Finished the rep, still 1 splinter. Wish me luck, eyeballing M+ next

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I’m having the same issue

It took me hours of doing epic BGs the other night (mostly cause a lot of them were losses) for me to get my catch up splinters on a couple if my alts. I have faith it will happen soon :pray:

I feel so seen. This is the post I came looking for. I’m in the same boat, one full Spark, only one fragment cause I missed week 1 entirely due to vacation. I’ve also done all the quests, etc. Did a full raid last night - no fragment for catch up. I guess I’ll try M+ today and see how I fare there. :frowning:

Update? I’m starting to think that it may be bugged, I got a few other buddies saying they haven’t gotten theirs yet. I can’t put forth anything personally to that effect yet, as I’ve been going hard into Tears of the Kingdom and haven’t logged in since Tuesday to get some neat tier from my vault on my paladin.

There was this note in the hotfix post on GD:

Guessing it was bugged and taking more spark halves than it was supposed to, which led to people being behind with the game still thinking they weren’t behind, so no catchup drops.

e: Apparently that is what was happening:

No resolution from them though, kinda sucks.

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Unintentional benefit for me, I guess, since I’m playing less atm.
Sucks for people who basically got robbed, hopefully they’ll hotfix it again to reward people who lost an extra splinter.

I felt like I was going insane. Probably is what’s going on with me so now I’m just permanently behind.

Well done, blizzard.

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Yeah, I saw that and thought of this thread. :dracthyr_lulmao:

Some people are just randomly a splinter behind now for no reason.

if you get 1 full spark per 2 weeks…is there any reason to do the quest more than half the time? why not just do the quest on the weeks you actually get a spark, collect the catchup then, and then take the next week off?

i hate epic bgs

UPDATE: I put in a ticket about this and my nice GM awarded me my missing fragment this morning.

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you can get splintered fragments from pretty much everything. the catchup is super forgiving so don’t feel stressed if you’re behind because you really aren’t.

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