Alterac Valley in Classic

The thing is, I am sure some people working on Classic agree that 1.5 or 1.8 versions are way better.
But as we can see recently in many gaming studios, the management of the studios are absolutely terrible and completely detached from the customers, it is screwing up the games.


This is Blizzard’s way of addressing this issue with out addressing the issue at all… They would rather move on and avoid stirring up fans of 1.5-1.8AV any further. Now they want this topic to quietly go away.


Good luck with that, Blizzard. This topic isn’t going anywhere.


The topic existed and has persisted since the nerfs began during vanilla. It is not going anywhere.


Even if it loses prominence in the coming months, it’ll flair right back up when phase 3 launches.


And the answer has been the same since vanilla, 1.5 AV just wasn’t that good.

Begone, troll.

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Nah, blizzard already sent Korrak away :stuck_out_tongue:

Why’d this get unstickied, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!


It means we’re getting 1.12 AV and there’s nothing left to discuss.


If I could just make one more plea here.

AV is the ‘end game’ of PvP (instanced) combat for Classic is it not? There is no march of progression to an eventual Naxx.

By intentionally setting the bar lower on the challenge level for this zone, you are capping out what can eventually take place and be attained for those who wish to focus on the PvP experience of Classic.

I’ll still run Warsong forever, and I’ll still run AB, but AV could have represented something different, and its a shame that some of that is being lost.

1.12 is certainly what I played most of AV with, but the ‘end game’ of PvP will eventually not be an issue of difficulty, as PvE gear eventually makes the challenge trivial.


Unless its because they need room to make more announcements, this should be re-sticked so that we don’t get a dozen short threads repeating the same information and making us play whack-a-mole.

I played back in Vanilla and all I remember about AV before 1.12 was…

Some of the matches used to run for hours… if not days at a time. This was on the old honor system so I would only stay there until I hit diminishing returns on all the players there and would end up leaving. There was tons of npcs and usually the side that farmed their raid boss (something forest lord) would usually win. Also, not sure if people remember, but back then you had to ride to the entrances in order to queue.

Post 1.12 is when it turned into the rush fest. They added tickets and what not, remove tons of npcs, etc. I think most of my 80,000 hks I got on my Priest (I would say 80% of that was from Vanilla) was from grinding AV.

I don’t want to see the pre 1.12 version. Just my personal preference.

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I don’t care about this issue, but messing with stickies that’s something else.


Nope, I’m still here. Waiting for you to try and take my precious Snowfall.

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I’m finding the bias in this post more and more irritating.