Alterac Valley 1.12

In January of this year Blizzard announced they intended to use the 1.12 version of Alterac Valley, yet somehow there’s dozens of threads with people shocked and appalled by it.

The time to be annoyed was almost a year ago folks. You knew this was coming - and if you didn’t you’re retarded.


If you had been here over a year ago and well before and after they announced 1.12 AV people were warning against it and pleading for them to use the old version. The “annoyance” is not a new thing.

If you had been on the forums actually back then (and even before) you would have noticed that people have talked and complained about ever since.

And then, you have the people who had no idea what AV 1.12 meant because they either didn’t play back then or didn’t come to the forums because not everyone do. So no surprise.

I’m not Glinda or Snowfox. I don’t get paid to read/post on the forums. I actually play this game. Sorry.

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I mean hell, blizzard themselves cited the very threads that were begging them NOT to use late vanilla AV. They literally pointed to them, then said that they heard our desires, but that they wanted something that gave them “clarity”.

Then they went on to develop, beta test, and release for a limited time the very version that classic players were asking for. FOR BFA

To be clear, I think there’s a conversation to be had about 1.12 vs 1.5 AV. However the people posting threads like this 1.12 thing is new to them are hysterical, lazy and stupid.

I was always upset by the decision. I knew it was coming, and I remember that I stopped queueing for AV in vanilla because of it. I’m not shocked, just disappointed that they carried through with 1.12 AV. I know it’s officially vanilla, but so was 1.10 AV.

Here, have a read:

Note the links.

That’s kinda the point. The links were posted back in March, against 1.12 av

Almost a year ago
So for people to be shocked about them releasing the 1.12 version of av just shows stupidity

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They literally told us a year ago they were doing this. It just makes no sense people are surprised by it.