Alt Codes rant

People who use alt codes in their names lack creativity and originality and I never take their opinions/arguments seriously. Anybody else feel the same way?

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You are just mad you can’t figure out how they work.


I don’t mind 1 or 2 alt codes in a name, but when almost every letter had one, that’s just too much.

卄乇ㄥㄥ ㄚ乇卂卄 乃尺ㄖㄒ卄乇尺

if only we could…


You found me out! Smart hobbites

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speak AMERICAN dont use them commie letters


I don’t /w /invite /anything alt code users

You can thank Blizzard for this. Not only do they allow the codes, but they also allow people to sit on names FOREVER. It doesn’t matter if it’s been years since the character was logged in… or even if it was NEVER logged in. Once the name is taken, it is taken, FOREVER. There’s no way for someone new that’ll actually use it, to take it from the person wasting it. They really need to make you forfeit names if you haven’t had a sub or logged into the character for a long time. At that point the game should allow new people to take it and you just rename the character if you ever come back. This would have been a good change for a game… which also means we can’t have it. Blizzard only does stupid changes.

Only solution, other than alt codes, is to reserve many names up front, one per any class you’ll ever play, and sit on them. This ensures you have it for future use. I don’t like this as it means many names are reserved then never used, but that’s what Blizzard has left us with.


These use to frustrate me a long time ago, but modern chat enhancement addons that allow for copy/paste out of the chat log (ie, whatever ElvUI does) have gone a long way towards making this easier. Also, auto-complete in the mail recipient list.

Those alt-codes are there, generally, to support other languages and I think that’s ok, but Blizzard could probably support the player experience a bit better (in all versions of the game) here so we didn’t have to rely on addons :slight_smile:

100% correct. Thank you for your service.

Absolutely, ignore all those degenerates.

No idea what you’re on about.

Language does not :heavy_equals_sign: political ideology.

Ya I ag… wait a minute!

Blizzard seems to encourage alt codes though on the account I lost all my very unique and rare names I made day 1 of classic because of servers merging together. Very cool. Alt codes it is then because I refuse to have a sh*t name like pyrolordzzzz

People only got alt codes bc blizz wont release inactive names so we can avoid the ugly alt codes. >:(

ßluntman and çhronic will always reign supreme


I just look at it as a blemish on their personality, but as long as they don’t suck at the game and aren’t actively trolling me in group by being terribad, it’s not really a problem.

As far as opinions/arguments are concerned, I ignore everyone’s equally since mine are always superior.

only reason i use them is because nearly every toon i make is named fooki so people know it’s me, even on an alt. i don’t hide on my alt toons.

I don’t like it, but not enough to really want anything to happen.

While I don’t feel negatively towards people who use them, I don’t typically like names with alt codes, and would prefer if it weren’t a feature, but that’s because they aren’t typically used in sensical ways relevant to English.