<Already Taken> Open Recruiting

newly formed guild looking to achieve at least AOTC with every patch looking for core members of raid team!

A little bit about ourselves, we created this guild due to constant negativity in one form or another in past guilds (loot drama, toxicity, favoritism, etc.). We are very motivated to make this a true progression guild, at least achieving AOTC and then venturing into mythic. Guild leaders have several experience with server first kills and have been a officers for top50 US guilds in the past! So I have no doubt that the progress will come for us, we just need to find good people to join us in this quest to kill bosses, get loot, and only have fun while doing it!

Raids are 9pm-12am server time Wednesday and Thursday

If this sounds like the right fit for you reach out to us on discord:

Gathimu#6640 (Co-GM)
Matheney#4526 (GM)

This is my Rogue main, posted from an unused alt!

First Week of raiding 10/11 Normal with jailer at 3%! Come join us on the adventures to finish our shadowlands!

Now 11/11 Normal and 3/11 Heroic. Looking for Ranged DPS, and a Tank Specially

Are you guys looking for melee dps or a healer at all? Asking here since my BN is being really weird

We are open to Healers, and a monk would do nicely for the dmg Debuff :slight_smile: add me on bnet Baalgar#1444 or discord Gathimu#6640 and we can chat

You all still in need of heals? I sent a friends request.

Still Searching for some Ranged DPS and a Healer or 2!! come join us as we pump Anduin!!

Downed Andy! Pushing to Jailer!! Let’s Go!!!

Working on that Jailer Boi!! AOTC Inc! come join in