Allow Transfers to servers with existing Chars already!

So we just got updated on the Transfer Restrictions.

I kind of feel overseen here. Me and many others are eagerly waiting to transfer our alts to our main server and it does not work.

Meanwhile we can create new toons. So while I wait to transfer, I level up another alt or I am on my main. So I do not even add up to the pop one or another. Please have a look into that


Please don’t try to trick Blizzard. They have some smart people too.

Every day there’s another post, complaining about the actual rule and suggesting this phony alternative rule. This fake rule makes no sense. Blizzard cannot limit the played time on Faerlina by allowing level 60s to transfer to Faerlina.

Queues are caused by too many players playing. This problem was caused by players. It can only be solved by players. Meanwhile, Blizzard is helping with the queue times by not allowing any high-level characters to transfer to an already-over-played realm.


Huh and it always attracts the same flies, too. Good to have you again, Hiawanda!
Now look, apart from the fact that I have nothing to do with Faerlina, let me say this, and I probably told you 5x already. You might get it in your thick skull one day and not come up with the same old song each and every topic you infest.

I am online on my destination server anyways. Either with my main or with my other alts. Heck I even started a Rogue toon again because I can not transfer my other Rogue over. See how it does not make the slightest bit of sense what you keep repeating in all these threads? And I take a great bet, because people confirmed it in these threads, too, that they act and do the same.


That’s basically all the good servers. Where are people going to transfer to now?

Agreed. I’m on Pagle no matter what I just wanna transfer my warrior to it so I can get to play on it too.


I think the idea here is to prevent overburdening these servers by allowing in actively played characters. Even if you have a lowbie alt on said server, the fact that you’re not playing it means less congestion and less queue times for others.

A lot of players created lowbie characters on those choked servers ages ago before finally deciding on a server they wished to spend all their time playing on. This is not a can of worms Blizzard is willing to open. Either deal with it … or just start playing your lowbie character if you REALLY insist on playing on that full server.

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I think you did not understand me properly. I dont even have just a lowbie alt on my destination realm. My main, my farmchar and the alt I am currently leveling up is on there, too. So is my whole social circle.

Now I can see how the second thing you said might be an issue. Just put the cap to lvl 40/60 to prevent that. Also I have the impression people really dont like to transfer that much, since you usually play the game due to the people you play with.

Maybe if you had a level 40 or something on that server you could allow for transfers?

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It makes sense if you compare commodity prices between servers.

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That could be a further limitation to prevent abuse, indeed. Heck even make it 60 or so.

Locks aint in place due to economic reasons. BL is crashed now, anyways.

Sure, sure.

Can we please open transfers from these over populated servers to any of other server that isn’t over populated? My Warlock is stuck on Pagle (PvE), but now I play on Deviate Delight (RPPvP). Would be really nice to have all my characters together.
I have no intentions of ever playing on Pagle again, but I really do miss playing my Warlock, just don’t want to have the time I’ve spent waiting in queues in the begining of Classic and time spent leveling gone to waste.

My main level 60 Shaman, which is geared with some MC and BWL loots and some set piece is stuck on Thalnos which is a low populated and already dead server. My guild transferred to Sulfuras and I could not move with them as I had to take a break from the game. I come back and see server transfers to Sulfuras have been disabled. The shaman on Thalnos has nothing to do on that server. Please allow transfers to such players atleast. I am ready to pay whatever cost.

they should allow transfers to locked servers if u already have a 60 on it. I play on Sulfuras and cant play any of my alts in any fun fashion w/ my friends because my alts are on a server that has like 30 active people on it at peak times. I would like to transfer them to my mains server and I cant.

oh look. its the supertroll who tries to report comments that hurt his feewings

You’re right – this rule is not effective for players that refuse to play on any other server. It may not change how much time YOU play on the destination server. Which only means the rule was not designed for you.

Clearly Blizzard does not agree that most or all players are like you. Many want to transfer a character they DO play a lot. Blizzard knows that the 1% of players on the forum are not representative.

If Blizzard is right, your proposed change would make queues worse. Even if they’re wrong, your suggested change won’t decrease queues. So making the suggested change wouldn’t “help the problem”.

I think u are misunderstanding what we want… its not to be able to only transfer 60’s. its to be able to transfer alts from other servers to a server we already have a 60 on. my main is on sulfuras. and I cant transfer any of my alts to it. giving us the ability to do that wouldn’t change the overall population.,

I didn’t try. :wink:

Server transfers made bad servers horrible and good servers bad. Limit the transfers based on fraction %. Only server transfers to fractions 45% and under.

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Oh you went to a dead server to get R14 or a million stacks of valuable trade goods and now you want back?