Allied Race "Leak": Could it be Sethrak?

Honestly, for me at least, it’s my desire for a full blown fantasyified Norse culture race (horned helmets, mead horns, ect). However I understand that this would not fit as a “win race” (personally I’d add vrykul to the alliance when horde gets ogres, since both are ancestor races to the main race of each faction)

Sethrak would be a very interesting choice honestly, and I’d definitely roll one as an alt, I just doubt they’d fit as an allied race considering their unique animation skeleton and the fact that they are a creature model (like Legion era nightborne npcs or tol’vir) so they’d need a lot of work to be made playable . . . maybe as their own core race perhaps (again I’m down for it)

go to the sandy desert.
obvserve the vulpera wagons ordained with fox tails.
They hunt there own kind.

Arrakoas (morally gray) for Alliance
Kelfin (actually humble) for Horde

Please? Not asking for much. Want my Chamberlain Paladin and Water gobbo.


oooo alliance could have their very own goblins, with cool ears. :sparkling_heart:

Stop asking for more of the Horde’s races.


oh fine. :joy:

Given that we just got the Dark Ranger look for Elves, I would say if Leper Gnomes ever become remotely playable, it will just be as an appearance for regular Gnomes.

Tuskarr is the only reasonable answer. There’s absolutely no evidence or logic to assume it’s gonna be the snakes from two expansions ago.

If we are getting an allied race it’s going to be one of the new updated models.

Either gnolls or Tuskarr.

However the best bet, based on what we know so far, is Tuskarr IF the allied race leak is true.

Tuskarr now have female models, updates rig, have mounted animations, and children models. All signs of a possible playable race.

I’m honestly not sure what that would be. I can’t do another animal race. And the Alliance can’t do another human race.

I’ve been advocating each faction get a plant-based race (rather than a plant-race) but there’s no good way right now to make that logical.

I want Gnolls but that is just me :slight_smile:

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This. Sethrak look goofy af, and you can rule out looking good in most mogs. Plus it doesn’t seem to make sense that they just randomly join a faction now. If they were going to, they would have been a BfA allied race.

Tuskar may have been ruled out, but I still think they’re more likely, especially since they’ve been seen before, are making a return, and are beloved by a large portion of the community.

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Arrakoa feel like a better fit on the Horde if I’m honest, given several of the Horde’s races engage in sun worship/veneration. That, and Zandalari Druids use the Arrakoa model for their Boomkin form.

Ethereals probably would dislike the Alliance because of the Void Elves. On Argus we learned their hatred of the void extends to figures like Locus-Walker, who is a pariah among his own kind. That, and the Horde could certainly use a space-faring race.

I’m in favor of Saberon on the Alliance, and think there’s potential from Leorajh’s story for them to have become more civilized and introduced to the Light and magic from the Draenei.

Saurok I’m not sure fit either faction. They’re pretty solidly into the mindless monster category of mobs. Mogu might fit, but I’m not keen on a third re-use of the Draenei model like that. At least the Sylvar offer some variation. Jinyu and Ankoan sound nice on the surface but… would they really be popular? They seem about as niche as Mechagnomes.

I do agree it makes far more sense for Sethrak to be a Horde race. Geographically, Politically, Culturally, they’re a Horde race through and through. That having been said, culturally they’d probably not stick out like a sore thumb in the Alliance, not as much as other races. Even politically they’d probably fit in alright. The biggest issue is geography. They’re located in the middle of Horde territory. There really isn’t a way for them to join the Alliance without getting destroyed. There’s also the indisputable fact that the Horde restored their Loa to them.

I have a hard time seeing the Sethrak added to the Alliance outside of purely OOC reasons. At best, they could be a neutral race, but otherwise, they seem solidly Horde.

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Perhaps the Light will teach them the joys of outdoor plumbing, so they’ll quit leaving piles of poo all over their caves like they do in Draenor.

I’d roll one so bad, that’d be the epitome of wowness even though some would hate it for its silliness.

Can’t say I ever saw any piles in my garrison, so looks like the apexis crystals giving Leorajh an epiphany included the benefits of out-houses.

This is no argument. Just look at the settlements on the Broken Isle. The Horde outnumbers them but yet the Gilnean and Night Elf settlements are still intact.

The Nightborne were added to us just because two lines of Tyrande which led to a recruitment questline. I wouldn’t give this much thought. The Alliance contributed as much as the Horde to the Nightborne revolution and suddenly they are the enemies.

Why would we want Vrykul? We already have Kul Tirans.

They’re still intact as far as we know. Which is to say, they’re only intact because we’ve never seen anything to the contrary. In any short story or novel we could easily get a blurb about those territories being destroyed by the Nightborne and Highmountain, just as we could be told they’re still fine.

I’d argue it had more to do with the Nightborne culture and society being a perfect companion to that of the Blood Elves. Kind of how like the Loa-worshipping Sethrak are a perfect fit for the horde’s Loa-worshipping races.


Why are Horde the only ones allowed to have nice things? Best thing we ever got was Dark Iron Dwarves and Horde players are still gnashing their teeth how they should have gotten them.

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Because it has been written this way. You can do this with every race. Don’t you see it? They do not put the care and attention to these matters when it comes to the Alliance. At the moment your faction is a dumpster fire with their allied races and you had to beg four years to get compromise high elves to get anything going.

You Alliance-players really need to demand better races for your faction and don’t let every interesting race slip under your nose. We have the best diversity, the most unique designs and are beloved - you are not. Let the game director know, that this is still a two faction system and not World of Horde.

Most of the people here don’t read books. The Dark Iron Dwarves have been in the Alliance since Cataclysm. There was not a single chance they will go over to us.