Alliance. Time to Boycott AV

after the hotfix to stop premades AGAIN, horde finally have their 70 min game 100% winrate agains, TIME TO BOYCOTT, if their queue times reaches 7 days its over, gogo


Everyday I get more and more glad I knocked out all my rep

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Alliance need to boycott ALL endgame pvp. Make a twink, do world pvp, gank horde lowbies. Do whatever you can to be a dbag to Horde but do not cater to scrubs that went Horde for a cheap racial advantage in pvp. Let them sit in 1 hour queues.


I’ve started doing exactly this. Washed my hands of BGs, and pvp in general. Even AB isn’t bringing me back. My favorite thing right now is baiting bloodthirsty Q’ers out on farm with my 10 rank and just shadowmeld+altF4. Suck it, tryhards.

Yes, The alliance has lost the battle for alterac valley. Quickly! sound the retreat! Maybe we can avoid the loss of our entire casual pvp playerbase.

Most of 'em rolled Horde because they don’t want a challenge. The queues are proof.

Not sure if these posts are just sad, or plain pathetic. Every day my AVs get closer to a loss and I’m seeing alliance improve on a daily basis.

Clearly they are not forum posters, they dont seem to rollover and take pride in it.

TBH i think alliance are stuck in their “We gotta rush across mid” mentallity. Every time that happens horde just rushes them and burns them down. The only AV i lost so far was when ALL the alliance camped INSIDE SHGY and waited for horde to show up to cap flag. When we showed up to cap, they all rolled out 40 deep and slaughtered us, then kept killing us on the way to IBGY, forcing us to turtle. From that point on they did the same thing we do to alliance: Force us south of the IBGY choke and didnt let a single one of us by till after they capped 2 bunkers and FWGY. The problem is getting 40 alliance puggers to follow a strat.

PS as far as the horde backdooring is concerned, 1-3 mages can shut down a whole group of people trying to climb that spot, ive seen it happen a couple of times whenever we were able to stop the alliance zerg pre-fix.

PPS. I’m thinking its mostly because all the skilled alliance players are spamming WSG. Most of the horde in AV are skilled players that are just not willing to put themselves through the horrible experience that is the climb to rank 14.

I love this attitude from the alliance side. “Do what I say or I won’t play with you!” Now isn’t this the type of

that got us here in the first place? I say gg no re dont come back.

Yeah, we should do something we don’t enjoy for the benefit of the horde instead!

blizz took away your IWIN button and now you’re all salty as can be.

Why? I finished my rep grinds before hand. I am enjoying all the PvP salt and enjoying how no one who is interested in PvP is happy,

Horde are not entitled to having alliance to kill. You want us to show up? We need to have fun. We were not having fun so we stopped showing up.

FYI, the win button was still sub 50%, it just means we got to play the game instead of just being farmed like cattle. So congrats, horde have their I win button, made WSG unplayable, shame you don’t get to play very often.

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Lol i go Wpvp before i step into AV and theres always Wpvp =D

I have no dog in this fight because I don’t PvP, but holy crap this is so ironic coming from a Horde player that it’s almost parody.

Moving the cave back wont help you. Well maybe it will…in the sense that you think it does, so your team tries harder.
But really what will happen if the cave is moved back is we will meet you midfield…really focus even more on the IB Tower choke and make sure you don’t get Galv.
Basically anything we think you will try to do…we will swarm to.
And you will lose…with the current play competency of your faction.

Why do we behave this way by the way? Its our win condition, and…we are bitter. We will be bitter for a long time, maybe forever (but i doubt it) about the stupid premade 7 min game thing your faction did for a while.

Now that you have to pvp…you are losing. You could win. but it would require all 40 of your teamates to be on board with clashing with the horde…for a long time if necessary. But you lack that desire and committment. Some of you have it. But all 40? nope.

And so you lose.

So we are winning 95% as you stated, because of what I wrote above. It’s not blizzards fault. Your faction, currently…is actually just worse. Its hard to accept

Every problem you mention was caused by the Alliance premades buddy.

I have no clue where you’re coming from with this reply.

What IWIN button? The premades that Horde could do as well? The starting cave that gives Horde a huge advantage? Or the Orc racial that gives horde advantage at 60?

Stay at 19 kid, you clearly are another 1400 rated player that went Horde to get carried and has no clue about anything.


this is not true and you know it. you can always have your team join a discord, if they want. enjoy your long queues kiddo - keep your tears coming.

Sure thing buddy, sure thing.