Alliance Main Ret pally/Off spec Tank LF raiding guild/nolife gamer

hey there i have been playing classic since it was released in a well known classic guild called “fusion” on alliance side. we are known for word speed runs and server “firsts” on classic releases … i did do some mythic raiding in WoD and Legion on a SUB rogue with some old friends i used to play TERA with. i really enjoy the Warcraft lore and the shadowlands lore really interested me so i decided to start playing this patch … i just made a character about 2 weeks ago… I am looking for a guild thats down to raid/mythic dungeons etc… i am VERY flexible with my hours as i am unemployed so i can play 24/7 … i am a very fast learner and i am very eager to gain knowledge of how the game works currently and gain fat juicy loot :slight_smile: i am a fast learner looking for a guild to give me a shot! msg me BNET tag is JAB#11142 discord tag is jab#9551 please pm me ANYTIME im very eager to find a guild to join ASAP to get started on my journey to BIS :slight_smile: my goal would be to clear all end game content and do all endgame mythic keystones and be geared fully in ret first and then try for tank… but am willing to commit fully to tanking first if needed i have done some tanking already in some mythic +0/5s as well