Alliance is- regularly winning AV now?

I really wish this dead horse could be left alone. It is really starting to smell up the joint!

Not really, no.

The terrain has several spaces for Horde to get the high ground and attack rezzers, while all the Alliance can do is wait for Horde to come through the chokepoint.

Horde could also come up from under the bridge, but they never do for some reason. If you want Alliance to stop turtling there, stop running up the road and go under the bridge so the Alliance at SPGY can leave and go south. They only turtle because you trap them there.

We don’t spawn there unless you take SPGY. Once you take SPGY, NO ONE is trying to recapture it. We’re all going south to get objectives.

Yeah, that open field is actually really good. It means you can get out of the graveyard and aren’t trapped there.

The chokepoint only works if it’s the ONLY way through. Horde has several ways through but they zug through the chokepoint anyway. Alliance only has one way out of their GY, and it’s blocked by Horde. At least FWGY is open for both sides.

You don’t even have to be in a sweetspot to do it. But sure, solo capping a tower is easier as Alliance.

That makes a whole lot of difference when the Alliance can’t even get to the towers.


Id sign up for that during the week.

The consequence of winning all the time is that you no longer know how to defend or what to do when you can’t always deathball the other team in 30 minutes. Horde often start falling apart if you’re able to cap IBGY since most will just ignore it and keep trying to zug north towards SPGY until it’s too late.

Horde main masquerading on an alliance alt confirmed.

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OK, I am not even going to bother reading the rest of that post. If you don’t think the horde have a MUCH harder time holding SP than alliance do, then you are arguing in epic-level bad faith, bordering on trolling. Perhaps you did not read, or did not comprehend what I specifically posted, which you specifically quoted. Here, let me help you out: I just made it a bold font.

And more importantly retaking SPGY doesn’t really help anything, that just switches the game back to alliance being stuck north of SHGY.

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These threads pop up every AV weekend when Alliance suddenly start winning. And the same trolls continue the map imbalance debate.

But whatever. Just wait until TBC when the map favors Alliance and they win almost every base race.

How does the map favor Alliance in TBC?

Ah, I misread. Thought you meant Horde ressing somewhere else and fighting there.

However, my answer is still the same: no. The reason is quite simple. Alliance aren’t going to push for SPGY once Horde have it, nor should they. Having Horde at SPGY is good for Alliance. The bridge into the base is easily defended, and anyone rezzing can run past the Horde to go south for objectives.

He means that the map is balanced and Alliance win more than 1% of games.


Horde proceeds to lose WSG and AB by 70%

it is.


“Should” they wasn’t the question. That said, I agree with you, insofar as once horde take SPGY that alliance should allow them to take it and use it for all of the meatgrinding it is worth, while having forces on the far end of the bridge to squeeze ressers.

But again, the question was whether or not taking SPGY is more punishing for horde to hold. For the above reasons, your answer is wrong.

citation needed. and its only as high as it is due to premades stomping pugs.

You say that as if there aren’t Horde premades.

The question is a non-sequitur because Horde never have to hold it. Once they’ve capped it, all the respawning Alliance go south, not to the base.

In any realistic scenario, it is easier for them to defend, because you’re likely weighing a few Horde standing around waiting for the all-in to be called against the single Alliance idiot who wanted to recapture the graveyard that traps everyone on his team in a meatgrinder.

In your fantasy hypothetical scenario where Horde is holding the graveyard and not Alliance, no, it’s not any easier for them to hold. But THAT DOESN’T MATTER. It’s not a Horde graveyard to hold. It’s an Alliance graveyard, and once they’ve lost it, there’s NO BENEFIT to recapturing it.

Well look on how quickly they took care of Alliance premades in AV cause Horde was getting stomped into the ground.

And what’s stopping Horde from doing the same?

they did it because the premades were opening up so many lobbies and leaving games to be backfilled after they started. often having as few as 10 alli or less. had nothing to do with the win rates. if that was the reason dont you think the cave would have been moved or the rez timers adjusted yet?

and we do. and my win rate is still high, even when im pugging. still waiting on that citation…

/yawn. troll harder bro

still pretty iffy, been trying to get the xbow for an alt and so far got like a dozen losses no wins this weekend.

And this was a separate and actual bug with its own fix regardless of premades. The only reason to break premades was horde whining.

Wrong. Starting short had nothing to do with queue syncing - it was a bug. Teams starting with fewer that 20 players was a separate fix.

We’re fixing a setting that allowed the battleground to start with as few as 20 players on a team.

And btw, last week I was in an AV that started with 24 players. Alliance never had more than 32. I would say starting a match with roughly half the players isn’t a “fix” but that’s Blizzard for ya’.