Alliance Exploiting. Circumventing the AV Fix

You have no idea what you are talking about.

A PUBLIC Discord is NOT a private conversation.

Press charges. See you in court.

I could have sworn you said

Why is that? Because the ones that, by your definition, have more impact affect your faction while jumping, literally, to the general - the only win condition - is less impactful? :thinking:

You are doing exactly what I said.

That’s a shame, there was some great advice in there for you and the rest of the horde in there. I suppose this is yet another post that supports my claims.

So you tell me which of these is more impactful:

40 people bum rushing the general or 5 people bum rushing the general.

At no point was it ever mentioned that they don’t want people attempting to premade AV. The blue post for the patch simply said they didn’t want people cave camping anymore, and they didn’t want games starting with less than 20 people. If you can find a single instance where Blizzard has directed players to stop grouping together in a battleground, I would love to see it.

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The two key points in the blue post

Which then goes on to reference the removal of AV numbers. They didn’t outright state it, but the only reason to remove the numbering is to downplay premade capabilities. If you want to be a literalist who requires black and white to be able to interpret intention I guess that’s one way to look at it, but as far as I’m concerned the intent of the adjustments is pretty obvious.

So you tell me is 40 people jumping to the general an exploit? Is 5 people jumping to the general an exploit?

Is premades in 2/10 games an exploit? Is premades in 9/10 games an exploit?

You’re redefining exploit based on the impact it has on you and your chosen faction.

You going to answer the question or not?

Because you’re the one who wants to argue that what the Horde could hypothetically do with the wall jump is on the same level as to what the Alliance can and will actually do

Seems clear Blizzard doesn’t want premades in AV, based on their recent hotfix (getting rid of numbers and adding an internal queue were an obvious effort to break premades). So they’ll “fix” it again. And probably again.

But whether premading is an exploit is, sadly, irrelevant. They won’t action anyone for it. They can’t really use Discord to ban people. That’s the service provider equivalent of “outside our jurisdiction.”

I’m not the one claiming one is more impactful than the other. Your attempt to downplay one while exaggerating the other doesn’t change whether they are an exploit or not.

The intent of the patch was indeed obvious: to prevent AV matches from starting with less than 10 players after a 30+ player premade dropped the queue when it popped.

That issue is now 100% fixed: no Alliance games start with less than 20 players and no AV games start imbalanced by player totals.

Had some close games but without a Zerg to Drek, Alliance cannot push into horde base the same way horde can wall exploit into base, take bunkers and station.

Not to mention noticing 4-10 afkers every game.

I want everyone to take a good look at this guy. This guy, along with his sperg guild, who transferred on Heartseeker, so he can talk trash. Yikes.

Heartseeker alliance big lel. There is nothing else that comes as close to cowardice as this.

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Me, I’ve been winning roughly 60%+ of the time. My server is small, and thus there’s a limited PVP community, so we can’t always stack our best comp, but I’d say our winrate when we do is close to 80%.

But you know what I’ve seen while in Warsong Gulch? I regularly see Horde FCs exploiting terrain to climb cliffs, duck into safespots, and so on. I realize that isn’t all Horde, and I’ve seen an Alliance player or two do it as well (not on my server, but pugs), but I see it way more from Horde.

It’s getting a bit off-topic though, because as things currently stand, AV is all but unplayable as pug Alliance, unless you want to get bottled up and force-turtled by Horde who them proceed to farm you until they cap everything, and do their utmost to deny you every last scrap of honor. I’ve literally been chased near the entire length of the map by Horde who were utterly determined to kill a lone alliance player, even if the time spent probably cost them twice as much honor from killing elsewhere.

Great, we’re on the same page about that then. Because as I’ve already said multiple times that the wall jump is an exploit. As I stated in one of my first posts I think Classic exploits have to be looked at in a case by case situation because there’s the discussion of “Do we leave it alone because it was in Vanilla or does this go against the spirit of the game?”. It’s a grey area. For me behavior that greatly deviates from what was able to be accomplished in Vanilla is stuff I think Blizzard should look at even if that is simply through playing the game in a more coordinated way through third party software like Discord.

I feel like only someone who isn’t playing AV would think that it’s an exaggeration to think that premade AVs strategy isn’t far more impactful than the Horde Wall jump.

The point I am trying to make is that the wall jump Horde can do is well documented since Vanilla and very well known to the playerbase. If they wanted to fix it I guess I wouldn’t really care, I almost never try for it. Personally I think the one that should be fixed more than anything is the WSG wall jump because that one is far more impactful than the AV wall jump could ever hope to be.

You’re making a pretty big assumption/inference here - that the things they did were expressly intended to prevent premade groups, rather than to eliminate the problems the methods used to generate those groups was causing (i.e., scuffed/empty lobbies).

After all, Blizzard doesn’t care if a game gets stocked with pugs vs premades whatsoever in other Battlegrounds, despite the fact that they easily could implement such things. If anything, I would argue that a situation where one faction is winning 99% of all the games (like we’ve seen without premades) is far worse than one where both sides win some games and lose some games in the overall tally.

You do realize that the hill behind the south bunker is still a viable way of getting into the alliance base in retail as of today. It takes more effort because blizz made it higher

It hurts alliance because it messes with the pvp brackets and pve content. PvEers can get rank 12-14, have BIS gear and prevent others from ranking. If this premade is the meta then everyone is forced to do it to rank

welfare zerg epics

Horde: We demand balanced queues! The Alliance is exploiting to play together!

Also Horde: No, no. Let’s leave the Stormpike Aid Station backdoor alone. It’s already too unfair for the Horde to force a turtle and win by terrain attrition.