Alliance Exploiting. Circumventing the AV Fix

So when you aren’t playing WoW, are you snickering at other people all day?

you are hiding behind a level 20 priest atm. feel free to post mains name and realm.

I’m not that stupid as you are, you and the nekrage nerd just exposed yourself in public forums , you are blacklisted and discriminated now

No this was to prevent them from dropping the queue thus leaving 10v40 games, at no point in their post do they say it was to stop premades. as a matter of fact no were in that blue post does it mention premades even once. if they truly wanted to make it so you couldn’t premade they would remove ALL the numbers not just the one that pops up when queue pops but all the ones from the battle master all the ones from inside the bg so you never know what one you are in. even that wouldn’t stop them 100% because there is just not enough alliance. or to many horde how ever you want to look at it.

Tues and Wed Horde was stomping AV against Alliance pugs which were horrible all day long. Last few matches tonight…obvious Alliance premades. Glad I’m not the only one to notice haha. Hopefully this makes queue times go down and we will still beat them anyway.

“Unfortunate behaviors” sounds like AV Queing abuse to me resulting from AV Premades.


sounds like the part were they were leaving games 10v40 to me i guess its all on how you interpret it


Ooh! The magic incantation ‘exploit’ is mutating into ‘abuse’ right before our eyes. Scintillating!

Thought so. Come to the forums to talk crap but not man enough to post from your main character.

I for one am not embarrassed of who I am and what my guild and I have accomplished. You obviously cannot say the same.

I will continue to report your posts.

Man, we got reporting and all kinds of stuff now. Tough crowd, these Horde cats mean business.

This is Bulleton #3 on patch notes that addresses 10 vs 40 this helps that issue so why bother with

If not to try and Curve Cross Realm AV Premades.

Abuse of Game mechanics and Exploits are the same thing Anjubaby.

:man_shrugging: I guess only time will tell if they make further changes then you were right if they do not…

Its as though you weren’t really even trying to throw the talking point magic incantation words out there for effect. Lol.

You’re acting like this version of AV doesn’t favour the horde heavily with spawn placement and the fact that you can still backdoor the Alliance base.

what a joke

You’re acting like you’re not a pally who can bubble pull the whole room and laugh as the rest of your team exploits that pull… yada yada…same stuff on both sides. lol.

Here’s the jist of it:

Games become bad because Horde have an overwhelming map and racial advantage in AV.
People stop pugging it.
Queue at the same time as other high ranked people.
Suddenly it’s a “premade”.


Alliance just need to learn that pvp is over for them. Blizz obv doesn’t want us play crossrealm premades. But alliance cant win a fair fight. Were just fodder for horde honor.
Ive started to tell people to just boycott bgs altogether, and when the horde start camping alliance in the open world we leave the pvp servers too.
Quit feeding into it.


when you in voice before hand and go “ok queue now” this is like the very freaking definition of a premade …why you all so afraid to call it what it is?


Then Horde can do it too? Why are you Horde such babies?? Just do it yourself? lmao