Alliance Exploiting. Circumventing the AV Fix

It’s shameful xD to see how you guys are so dependant on stuff that actually benefit you that much… to be honest it’s a bit depressing I do hope you guys find peace on your misery since all of your high ranks got FARMED when we had chance of actual PvP…


This would all have been fixed by adding AB now instead of constantly making #changes

If they’re gonna make #changes to av than they need to change the av map to the balanced version that was added in TBC

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Ironic- you can see what server I’m on, and I’ve seen first hand thousands of Horde exploiting without a care.

I’m aware the sort of players the Horde attracts, exploiters that can’t stand not having every single advantage, that whine and wail about only having 90% win rates, that think every single exploit is fine provided horde can do it, but throw a tantrum if there’s anything you can’t do.

Lol, the misdirect try.

The exploit argument is pretty weak already, here come the explainers for why all attention should be on the preferred cry topic. Cause we need Moar Changes.

Joining us horde to pvp should be called an exploit

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Should be all you need to know that this is a work around to a Hot Fix making it a Exploit.

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And if i was a Alliance player saying what ive said would you still say the same?

I like how you dodge any accountability of the Alliance players who you helped crapped on though. Because the Horde do it its ok for me as well.

Not enough explaining yet, needs some actual effort. No pain, no gain.

First off- no, cuz I don’t do premades. Secondly- if you were an Alliance player on Stalagg you’d be aware of the massive amount of exploiting that occured, was brushed off by Horde, and ignored by Blizzard. You wouldn’t be with the sea of zugs saying ‘well those exploits are fine, cuz they didn’t effect me’ like Horde do whenever discussion of Horde exploiting comes up, like it’s fine when Horde do it.

Blizz didn’t even know what the bug they were fixing did to Alliance pugs, as I said, that’s just carelessness that can only come from a developer that is grossly biased.


To the self righteous types who must beat the exploit / screwed your own faction themes, many of us played retail Ashran with premades, or even pre-WoD or post-WoD AV premades.

Especially in Ashran, your own faction got punked badly in order to run them off & fill your premade group. There is nothing new here. Both sides screwed their own to get premades filled.

Classic GD gonna def need a fainting couch sub forum before much longer.

I like how the Premades are mass reporting the video of them getting caught tracking the Numbers. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Kind of sad to see the Horde mystique being traded for non-stop whining instead & forum gamesmanship tryhards. Who knew that the other side ranking up quicker would compel such a change. #NewHordelife

Grow some :baseball: :baseball: , btw you’re a bad player been farming you in warsong. stay mad cause bad

Well ill tell you about me. Seeing you think all Horde players are alike.

ive argued on my retail account for removal of racials or the same racials that players can choose themselves on a timer of a week or whatever like Zandalari loas in retail.

I don’t like exploiting in any form, ive sent reports for afkers, bots, people who use weakaura scipts to automate invites for mage portals.

ive never bought gold, i report people who do, i never shared accounts and again i report people who do.

I had guildiies booted for win trading and have left a progression guild because they wouldn’t boot a afk wsg botter.

I don’t condone exploits/“creative use of mechanics” on any level. If Alliance had worgen in classic id be playing that. But i played Tauren in vanilla and ill play Tauren now. Why? for warstomp? No i used to milk cows for a dollar and i have a liking for them.

Not everyone on the forums is some 19 year old twitch pepehands some of us have worked for our gear/ranks/gold whatever and we are proud of it because we did the hard yards, maybe not as hard as some did i.e people in your faction but we did it as fair as we are able to.

Now excuse me im going out for a hot Vindaloo - a curry.


Your character name and proof?

They could easily do it… If the GMs even understood how to do it. Have you not seen the responses people are getting to all manner of things that they claimed they would do if it kept the Classic Integrity?

You’re better off hoping they get a month long ban rather than getting rank reset.

So when you aren’t playing WoW, are you snickering at other people all day?

you are hiding behind a level 20 priest atm. feel free to post mains name and realm.

I’m not that stupid as you are, you and the nekrage nerd just exposed yourself in public forums , you are blacklisted and discriminated now

No this was to prevent them from dropping the queue thus leaving 10v40 games, at no point in their post do they say it was to stop premades. as a matter of fact no were in that blue post does it mention premades even once. if they truly wanted to make it so you couldn’t premade they would remove ALL the numbers not just the one that pops up when queue pops but all the ones from the battle master all the ones from inside the bg so you never know what one you are in. even that wouldn’t stop them 100% because there is just not enough alliance. or to many horde how ever you want to look at it.